Harry Collins



Harry Collins is from Memphis, Tennessee. By coming up in a church environment, Collins has had a passion for music since his early years. He has been in the music business since his early childhood in Mississippi. He has played with bands such as: The Jaguars Band and also The Crossfire Band. He has also played on the famous Beale Street. However, Collins has entertained at several casinos in Tunica, MS. He is an independent artist. He feels that people should purchase this recording because it's relaxing and a new sound in R & B, in which both men and women can relate to and enjoy.  “CapeTown Records”.

Album Discography

"Party With Me" (Harry Collins 2002)

1. Party With Me
2. Pretty Woman
3. Loving Two
4. I Aint Going to Mess With Her
5. In My Life
6. Hard to Handle
7. Leave Love Alone
8. Week End Lover

"Taste This" (Harry Collins 2011)

1. The First Time
2. When You Are Around
3. Love My Woman
4. Pop Shake And Bump-it
5. Can't Stop Now
6. Good Loving
7. Week End Lover
8. Leave Love Alone
9. It Don't Get You Down