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Hardway Connection

Hardway Connection hail from the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area. The group has extensive experience which includes opening for Johnnie Taylor, Harvey Scales, Toni Terry, Chuck Brown, Little Sonny Warner and other major acts. They have performed at the B. B. King Club in Memphis, Tennessee, the Bayou Club in Georgetown, DC and many, many more. They placed first in the “11th Annual National Blues Talent Competition” in Memphis, Tennessee, sponsored by “The Blues Foundation“. They performed on the 16th Annual W. C. Handy Blues Awards Show in Memphis and the 10th Annual King Biscuit Blues Festival in Helena, Arkansas and are currently recording an album to be released in the very near future. To date the group has released four studio albums. The most recent, "Southern Soul Rumpin'" was released on 2008.

Robert “Rob” Owens, Lead Guitar, Bass, Keyboard & Vocalist
Lue Edward, Keyboard, Vocalist & Bass Guitar
Jerome A. “Rome” MacKall, Lead Vocalist, Drums & Bass
James Newton, Drums/ Percussions
Teddy Richardson, Drums/ Percussions
Harold Baseman Turner, Bass Guitar, Drums, Keyboard & Vocalist
Toni Matthews, Female Vocalist

Album Discography

"Excellent Girls" (self released 1991)

A1 "Hussein" The Blues
A2 Excellent Girls
A3 Nikki
B1 On Our Way/Find Me A Love (Live)
B2 What Does It Take
B3 Romance Dance

"It Must Be Love" (Three Gems 1999)

1 It Must Be Love
2 Long Way Back
3 All Night Blues
4 Too Short (Peeping/Train)
5 Somebody
6 Down Home Blues, Stepping In
7 Find Me A Love
8 Funk And Blues
9 I'm So Glad
10 Breakin' Up Somebody's Home

"Love Feeling" (self released 2000)

full track list needed

Songs include Going To The Beach, Love Feeling, Out Of My Mind, Private Hell, Say When, Horny Side, Anybody Everybody Blues, You're Gone

"Party Til The Lights Go Out" (Love Disco 2003)

1 Party Till The Lights Go Out 4:15
2 Same Girl 4:07
3 What She Don't Know 3:08
4 Come On And Dance 3:56
5 One In The Morning 4:42
6 My Money 4:54
7 So Sad 3:47
8 Reality 4:34
9 I Am Going Crazy 4:56
10 Friend Of Mine 6:13

"Hot Ticket" (Wilbe 2005)

1. Come on and Dance
2. What She Don't Know
3. Same Girl
4. Reality
5. Horn-Ee Side
6. It Must Be Love
7. Find Me a Love
8. Morning Train/Peein Thru the Window [Radio Mix]
9. Somebody
10. Anybody-Everybody Blues
11. You're Gone
12. Morning Train/Peepim Thru the Window [Full Mix]
13. I'm So Sad
14. One in the Morning
15. Party 'Til the Lights Go Out

"Southern Soul Rumpin'" (self released 2008)

1. Southern Soul Rumpin
2. Dirty O Man
3. Talk to Me
4. Love Me
5. Dance with Me
6. At Last
7. Lovin Man
8. Belle [Short Version]
9. Eyes on You
10. Southern Soul Rumpin [Instrumental]
11. Belle [Long Version]