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Gregg A. Smith Smith CDs

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Gregg A. Smith "Love Expressions" 

Back In Stock

 1 Love Expressions 2:03
2 Love Is Amazing 4:33
3 Lovers Hangover 5:06
4 Stick And Stay 5:47
5 I Miss You 4:50
6 Tonight 4:12
7 I Wanna Rock You 4:47
8 Hush Boy 5:07
9 To The Rescue 4:53
10 Blessesd Wtih An Angel 4:04
11 Giving You Your Propers 8:45
12 Forbidden Fruit 3:59
13 Serious 3:57
14 Love Expressions 1:11
G Man 11.88



Gregg A. Smith "Blues You Can Use" 

1 Ain't Thirsty No More
2 Born To Have The Blues
3 Tired Of Being Accused
4 Young Men Don't Get The Blues
5 Jack Pot Blues
6 Trouble
7 Full Time Lover
8 Giving You Your Propers
9 Let Me Be The First One
10 History Of The Blues
G Man 12.99

Gregg A, Smith & Friends :Live" DVD

with Nathaniel Kimble, Ricky White & Carl Marshall

In Stock

Music Access 13.99

Gregg A. Smith "Wanted: One Soul Man"

In Stock


1. Can You Still Drop It?(4:49)
2. Still Pretty(4:56)
3. Over My Head(3:52)
4. Time to Go to Work [Remix](4:07)
5. Ms. Katie(4:15)
6. Leave Well Enough Alone(3:46)
7. If I Have to Buy Your Friendship...(3:20)
8. I Don't Like Some Things that You Like(4:12)
9. Take Care of You for Me(3:43)
10. Precious Lord(3:47)

CDS 12.99


Gregg A Smith "Forever Young"

In Stock

1 1. Forever Young (with eterson & Carl Marshall)
2. Everywhere I Go They Want My Woman
3. Johnny, Don't Give YBobby Rush, Lucky Pour Woman To Frank
4. Let's Keep It Private
5. He Put The Right Woman Out He Put The Wrong Woman In
6. I Haven't Been A Loving Man All Of My Life
7. When It's Just The Two Of Us
8. We Need A Friend
9. Time To Go To Work
10.When People Talk
11.Forever Young Inst.
12.We Ain't Got Long To Stay Here
CDS 12.99
"Greatest Hits: Collector's Edition" (G-Man 2005)

Gregg A Smith "The Greatest Hits"

In Stock

1. Has It Come to This
2. Tonight
3. That's the Way
4. Blues in My Blood
5. Stuck on You
6. I Wanna Rock You
7. Stacked in the Back
8. The Low Down
9. Money Talks
10. Dance with the One
11. Louisiana Bound
12. Fell in Love
13. Stick and Stay
14. Knocking on Heaven's Door (Live)
15. Mother)
G Man 12.99


Gregg A Smith "Triple Play Swing"

In Stock

1. Romeo & Jez
2. Looking for a Lady
3. Angel (Live)
4. Stand By Me (Live)
5. Stayed So Long (Rebirth)
6. Rest My Bones
7. Trouble
8. Has It Come to This (Remix)
9. One Day At a Time
10. Crying in a Chapel
11. Stayed So Long (Instrumental, Feat. Don Diego)
G Man 12.99



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