Mr. David
Geater Davis
Larry Davis
Maurice Davis
Rue Davis
Tyrone Davis
Simone De
David Dee
Tina Diamond
Clarence Dobbins
Earl Duke
Gerome Durham



Album Discography

"Overcoming Hurdles" (Ruff Pro 2008)

1. Hip Swing'in Blues
2. What We Needed
3. Why
4. The Woman in Me
5. I Yi-yi ( I Want You)
6. Keep It Movin
7. Can't Nobody
8. I'm Ready
9. So Called Friend
10. Shake It Up

"Livin' The Bluz" (Ruff Pro 2010)

1. Dance the Night Away
2. He's Alright
3. Don't Wait too Long
4. You Do Me Wrong
5. Left You Behind
6. You Know I Love You
7. Anybody Seen My Man
8. Fantasy
9. Hang on in There
10. Lovin on the Edge of Hate

"Transformation Of Me" (Ruff Pro 2012)

1. Caught Up
2. Low Down Dirty Shame
3. Come On Home
4. Rent Man
5. If I Didn't Love You
6. No Pressure
7. Cry
8. I Go Crazy
9. Meet Me With Your Black Drawers On
10. What We Needed
11. Hustle Man

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