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Bobbie Johnson of Atlanta, Georgia, was known as Bobbye "Doll" Johnson broke into the music business singing background for various artists but by 1999 she had recorded enough songs for a full album, entitled "Let The Door Knob Hit Ya", which featured the notable "Saving My Love For You".

In 2007 Johnson recorded for Lee Parker's Brimstone for the album "Rocking This Boat". The title track proved to be a minor hit for her and the reissued "Saving My Love" followed suit.

In 2011 she signed with CDS Records who released "All The Woman You'll Ever Need". Both "Baby Daddy" and "Mississippi Highway" received airplay in the South. Sadly, Johnson died of cancer in 2014 not long before another collection, "True To You", was issued.

Album Discography

"Let The Door Knob Hit Ya" (Isha 1999)

1. Let the Door Knob Hit Ya
2. He's Giving Me the Eye
3. All I Need Is You
4. Been There, Done That
5. Baby Baby [Street Mix]
6. Dou Wee I Like It
7. Girl Talk
8. Shame on You
9. Saving My Love for You
10. Baby Baby [Radio Mix]
11. Bobbye's Love Call
12. Let the Door Knob Hit Ya [Street Mix]

"Rocking This Boat" (Brimstone 2007)

1. Rocking This Boat
2. Bring the Boys Home
3. Cheat on You
4. Step Baby Step
5. Make Me Yours
6. Pillow Talk (Interlude)
7. U Ain't Gotta Be My Man
8. Watch Your Step
9. Let the Door Knob Hit Ya
10. Saving My Love
11. You're So Fine
12. All I Need Is You
13. Thank You 

"All The Woman You'll Ever Need" (CDS 2011)

1. Cheaters Never Win (But They Enjoy the Game a Whole Lot More)
2. Mississippi Hideaway
3. Bye Bye Baby
4. So Good
5. If You Don't Try to Change Me
6. All the Woman You'll Ever Need
7. I'd Rather Be Alone with Nobody
8. True to You
9. Baby Daddy
10. Meet Me on the Dancefloor
11. I Ain't Havin' It

***1/2 Bobbye lost her courageous battle with cancer in 2014 so this was her last full album released during her life (an album entitled "True To You" came out in 2015 containing only 4 unreleased songs and 6 repeats). Johnson was a sweetheart as a person and her persona and singing voice pretty much matched her personality. She wasn't another sexed up, tough talkin', self-proclaimed "bold bitch" like Sweet Angel but somewhat more subtle if not softer. "All The Woman" was mostly produced by Frank McKinney with a few tracks handle by Carl Marshall. The floater "Baby Daddy" became the key song with the memorable refrain: "Thought I was going to marry/Turned out to be another baby daddy/Mow he won't be comin' 'round here no more/Guess I better 411 child support". Another single extracted was "Cheaters Never Win (But They Enjoy The Game A Whole Lot More)" and "Mississippi Hideaway" would make for a shaggable Beach tune.

"True To You" (CDS 2015)

1. Pull Up From Behind
2. I Need A Man
3. Mississippi Hideaway
4. When A Woman's Had Enough (with Ricky White)
5. Cheaters Never Win (But They Enjoy The Game A Whole Lot More)
6. My Woman's Fed Up (with Ricky White)
7. Baby Daddy
8. So Good
9. True To You
10. Bye Bye Baby