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Will Easley "2 Albums On 1 CD: Sweet Sexy Soul & Smokin'"

1. It's Going Down
2. Wantcha Back
3. Loop the Loop
4. Don't Ya Like
5. Your Love Amazes Me
6. Show and Tell
7. Hell on My Hands
8. If I Let You Go
9. The Real Thing
10. I Love You and Always Will
11. Always a Friend
12. Wiggle When She Walk
13. Why You Wanna
14. Damn Fool
15. Work With It
16. Back in the Mood
17. Whatever
18. Big Girls Ain't Moody
19. I Got You
20. Mama, I Love You
21. Faith
Aviara 9.88


Will Easley "Greatest Hits"

 In Stock

 1. Don'tcha Like It
2. Wiggle When She Walk
3. If I Let You Go
4. Work With It
5. Loop The Loop
6. Your Love Amazes Me
7. I Love You And Always Will
8. Back In The Mood
9. Wantcha Back
10.Big Girls Ain't Moody
11.Damn Fool
12.Mama, I Love You
13.Don'tcha Like It (Mellow Mix)
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