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Patrick Green CDs

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Patrick Green "Popcorn Man"*

1. Party Tonite
2. I Need a Do Right Woman
3. Popcorn Man
4. Let's Go Dancing
5. I Need Love
6. Down to Earth Woman
7. Girl You're So Sexy
8. Still a Thrill
9. Got Me on Lockdown
10. Door Knob
11. I'm Gonna Be Alright
12. I Need You
13. Popcorn Man [Club Mix]  
ATB 12.99

Patrick Green "Rated PG"

In Stock

1. Rated PG
2. Shortstack
3. I'm Tired of Missing You
4. I Got A Woman That Loves Me
5. Man On A Stage
6. Old Skool
7. U Put Your Hurt On the Wrong Man
8. U Made Me A Better Man
9. Let Me Be A Part of You
ATB 11.99


Patrick Green "Southern Soul"*

1. I Need a Do Right Woman
2. I Can't Trust You
3. Bit off More Than I Can Chew
4. Let It Do What It Do
5. You're the Best Thing
6. Door Knob
7. Tune It Up
8. I Can't Dance
9. Got Me on Lockdown
10. Tune It Up - (Club Mix)
11. I Can't Dance - (Club Mix)
ATB 14.99

Patrick Green "Here Am I"*

1. Girlfriend
2. Your Love Is Precious
3. Here Am I
4. Old Fashion Love
5. Try Me
6. Sweet Patoo
7. One Last Kiss
8. Understanding
9. Gift of Your Love
10. Money & Power
Waldoxy 12.99



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