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Jeter Jones CDs




Jeter Jones "Dhis Him"


1. Big Dawgís back intro
2. Black Horse
3. Whatís Happening Naw
4. Duck Tales
5. Get My Groove On
6. Juke Joint ft. P2K
7. Interlude freestyle blues
8. Somebody get this Fool Remix ft. Vick Allen
9. I Needís a Drank
10. I ainít gone cheat No Mo
11. Dance with you ft. Big Ro Williams
12. Watch my Boots pt 2 ft. Deacon Dukes, Big Lee, Pokeybear, Miss Portia
13. She gone with Jody ft. Omar Cunningham
14. My phone bill
15. Still in love ft: Ron Johnson
16. You deserve Better
17. She loves my boots ft: Ron Johnson
18. Get outta these street
19. I drank too much ft. CíLamont

RMG 13.88


Jeter Jones "Trailride Certified" LISTEN

In Stock

1 She's Ratchet w/ POKEY
2 Dat Country Boy Lovin'
3 Haters Gone Hate
4 Something About the Rain
5 Trailride Certified
6 Watch My Boots
7 Them Country Girls
8 Single Footin'
9 Ghetto Woman
10 Thank U
11 My Country Girl
12 Cat Killa
13 Come out the Bushes
14 Take One for the Team
Jonez Boys Ent 12.99


Jeter Jones "Da GQ Country Boy" LISTEN

In Stock

Jones Boyz Ent


Jeter Jones "Evolution Sweet Jones Live@ Leroy's Chicken Shack" LISTEN






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