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Jeff Floyd "Keepin' It Real"

In Stock

1. Lock My Door
2. Shake Somethin' Loose
3. That Body
4. Woman's Worth, A
5. Do You Wanna
6. Hand on It
7. Planning My Weekend
8. Rump Bump
9. Where Do You Go
10. How Do You Want It
11. Wrapped Up in You
12. Last Call
Wilbe 13.99

Jeff Floyd "The Power is Still On"


1. Let Me Know
2. I Got My Woman Upset
3. Lovin' Someone on the Outside
4. I Don't Wanna Lose Your Love
5. Swing Out for Love
6. Thank You Baby
7. Somebody Is Gonna Lose a Good Woman
8. It's You
9. Last Chance
10. You Had It All
11. King Size Bed
12. Night Club
Wilbe 15.99
Jeff Floyd "Powerhouse"

In Stock

1. I Found Love (On a Lonely Highway)
2. Funny Love
3. You're My Magic Girl
4. Let's Git It On
5. I'm Giving You My Private Number
6. I'm Giving Up (All the Other Girls)
7. Nobody Wants You
8. Try a Little Tenderness
9. Face Down
10. All I Need
11. Party All Night
Wilbe 13.99


Jeff Floyd "Watch Me Work"

In Stock

1. Using Me
2. Front Door Back Door
3. Good
4. Giving You What You Want
5. That's A Lot Of Love
6. Jealous Lady
7. Changing Times
8. Seven Day Lover
9. She's Got Everything
10. Party Time
11. Never Walk Away From Love
12. People Are Going Out
Wilbe 14.99



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