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Soul Blues DVD
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Wilson Meadows CDs

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Wilson Meadows "Live At The 15th Old School Soul & Blues Festival" DVD

In Stock


Meadows' first live DVD

M&M 15.99

Wilson Meadows "Transformation" LISTEN

In Stock


1. Intro (Prelude)
2. I'm Missing You
3. It Is What It Is
4. Bad News
5. Hold On
6. I Wanna Get Witcha Baby
7. Misty Blue
8. I Can't Understand
9. Don't Take It Away
10. Hold Your Love

Brimstone 13.99

Wilson Meadows "Man Up!"

In Stock

1. Personal Matter
2. Thank You
3. Man Up
4. Go Get That Love
5. Don't Make Me Waste My Love
6. It Ain't Rainin' On Nobody's House But Mine
7. Wer Can't Fall In Love
8. Bad News
9. Step
10. It Is What It Is (Remix)
M&M/Brimstone 12.99

Wilson Meadows "Tighten Up" LISTEN

New recordings of his "greatest hits"  with a few new songs

1. Can You Hang
2. I Wanna See You
3. I'm Gonna Tighten Up
4. I Promise
5. Still My Love
6. She's Gone
7. Sweet It Be
8. Hold On
9. Where Will This Leave Me
10.Don't Take It Away
11.Go On And Cry
12.Let's Do Tat Thang
Brimetone 14.99
Wilson Meadows "Love Bomb" LISTEN

In Stock

1. Love Bomb
2. I Wanna See You
3. Step
4. Dedicated to the One I Love
5. I Got the Right One
6. Explain It
7. She's Gone
8. California Girl
9. Everybody Needs Help
10. Body Power
BGR 13.99



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