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Willie Walker 

Willie Walker's recording career began with a few 60s singles, one for Goldwax (in '67) and two for Checker (in '68) but for some two decades he wasn't heard from much out of Minnesota where he performed locally. In 1987 he performing with local group The Butanes, an intermittent but fruitful relationship that has resulted in three independent records produced with Walker as lead vocalist.

Album Discography

Kip Anderson & Willie Walker "Southern Soul Stock Vol. 1" (P-Vine 1985)

1.Kip Anderson - Without Woman
2.Kip Anderson - A Knife And A Fork
3.Kip Anderson - Take It Like A Woman
4.Kip Anderson - I Wanna Be The Only One
5,Kip Anderson - If That Don't Make You Cry
6.Kip Anderson - Here I Am
7.Kip Anderson - I Get Carried Away
8.Kip Anderson - Woman How Do You Make Me Love You
9.Kip Anderson - Tell Her I Love Her
10.Willie Walker - A Lucky Loser
11.Willie Walker - From Warm To Cool To Cold
12.Willie Walker - You Name It, I've Had It
13.Willie Walker - Nothing Can Separate Us
14.Willie Walker - You're Running Too Fast

 "Willie Walker" (Haute 2002 )

1 Bad Influence
2 Body and Fender Man
3 One Foot in the Blues
4 Spoonful
5 I'll Be Around
6 I'd Rather Drink Muddy Water
7 You Send Me
8 Feel Like Breaking Up
9 Since I Fell for You
10I Can't Tell You Why
11If Nothing Changes
12Ain't No Mountain High Enough
13Neither One of Us
14Caribbean Queen
15If You Don't Know Me By Now

 "Right Where I Belong" (One On One 2004)

1. I Don't Mind At All
2. (We Gotta) Put Out the Fire
3. Careless
4. No Longer for Me
5. Right Where I Belong
6. Give As Good As You Get
7. Sometimes Love's Not Enough
8. I Don't Know If I Can Make It Through
9. Change
10. Crying to Do
11. I Understand
12. Down for the Count
13. Ain't It Funny
14. I Feel It

 "Memphisapolis" (Haute 2006) LISTEN

1. What's It Take?
2. I Won't Be Lonely
3. Sweet (The Yeah, Yeah Song)
4. The Dream for Me
5. My Baby Drives Me Crazy
6. Real Love
7. The Last Time
8. Exactly Like Me
9. Just Wait Til I Get Home
10. Cry, Cry, Cry
11. Opposites Attract
12. I'll Get to You
13. Thanks for Being There

"Hoochin' With Larry" (Samej Music 2008) LISTEN

1. My Type
2. You've Been Lyin
3. Hoochin With Larry
4. Home Alone
5. Hard Working Woman
6. Lost a Good Thang
7. Life Time of Pain
8. Trouble
9. That's the Way

The Butanes feat. Willie Walker "Long Time Coming" (Haute 2011)  LISTEN

1 Long Time Thing
2 It Ain't Your Ladder
3 Let's Fall In Love
4 How Long You Think You Got?
5 You've Never Had A Love Like Mine
6 Drift To Sleep
7 Do It Yourself
8 I Just Don't Believe
9 I Want To Be the One
10 Dirty Deeds
11 If You Expect To See Another Day
12 I'm OK
13 A Little Peace of Mind
14 She Lifts Me
15 Betrayed
16 Crawl Inside A Bottle

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