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W.C. Clark

Known as the "Godfather of Austin Blues", Wesley Curley Clark was born Nov. 16, 1939 and raised in Austin, Texas. By the time he was 16, he played his first show at Victory Grill and began playing bass with T.D. Bell's band, The Cadillacs. He spent years gigging at Charlie's Playhouse with Blues Boy Hubbard & The Jets then ended up joining Joe Tex's band. In the early 1970s, Clark teamed up with guitarist and piano player Danny Freeman and vocalist Angelia Strehli to form a group called Southern Feeling. No record deal was forthcoming so Clark was working a day job when a young Stevie Ray Vaughan courted him to join his band. With Lou Ann Barton as singer, the group called themselves the Triple Threat Revue with Clark on bass. In the late 70s Clark formed his own group The W.C. Clark Blues Review and soon came the independently-released "Something For Everybody" (1986). In 1989, the critically acclaimed PBS television show Austin City Limits brought Clark together in front of a live audience, with his disciples Stevie Ray Vaughan, Jimmie Vaughan, Kim Wilson, Lou Ann Barton, Angela Strehli and Will Sexton all taking part. The broadcast, one of the series' most popular, brought Clark to the attention of a national audience for the first time. This lead to a record deal with Hammond Scott's Black Top Records. "Heart Of Gold" appeared in 1994, followed by the W.C. Handy Award-winning "Texas Soul" in 1996. In the spring of 1997 both Clark's fiancée and his drummer were killed when their tour van crashed outside of Dallas. One more Black Top Record was released, "Lover's Plea" before Black Top folded. He has since signed with Alligator Records and continues to release soul-drenched Texas blues like nobody else can.

Album Discography

"Something For Everybody" (Drippin' 1986)

1. Can't You Hear Me Calling You
2. My Song
3. Crossroads
4. Certain Girl
5. Summer Days
6. So Hard To Bear
7. Rushin'
8. Lover's Plea
9. My My Mys
10. Rough Edges
11. Pretty Little Mama
12. Bottemless Pit

"Heart Of Gold" (Black Top 1994)

1. Heart of Gold
2. I Want to Shout About It
3. Where There's Smoke There's Fire
4. Cold Shot
5. Come Back
6. Let's Straighten It Out
7. Don't Make Me Pay for His Mistakes
8. You've Got to Love Me
9. Make My Guitar Talk, Talk, Talk, to You
10. I Want to Get Married
11. All I Can See Is You
12. Blues Is at Hand

"Texas Soul" (Black Top 1995)

1. I Only Have Love For You
2. Just the One I'm Looking For
3. Reminiscing
4. Why Do Things Happen to Me?
5. Rough Edges
6. Leave My Heart Alone
7. That's Where It's At
8. Funny How Time Slips Away
9. You'll Need Another Favor
10. I Want to Keep You
11. Ain't No Fun to Me
12. Baby, What About Me?

"Lover's Plea" (Black Top 1998)

1. Changing My Life With Your Love
2. Lover's Plea
3. Lonely No More
4. Someday
5. Pretty Little Mama
6. Are You Here, Are You There?
7. Everywhere I Go
8. Sunshine Lady
9. I'm Hooked on You
10. Why I Got the Blues
11. Do You Mean It?
12. That's a Good Idea

"From Austin With Soul" (Alligator 2002)

1. Snatching It Back
2. Midnight Hour Blues
3. I've Been Searching
4. Don't Mess up a Good Thing
5. How Long Is a Heartache Supposed to Last?
6. Bitchy Men
7. Let It Rain
8. Got Me Where You Want Me
9. Got to Find a Lover
10. Get out of My Life, Woman
11. I'm Gonna Disappear
12. Real Live Livin' Hurtin' Man
13. I Keep Hanging On

W.C. Clark "Deep In The Heart" (Alligator) "Deep In The Heart" (Alligator 2004)

1. Stronger Than You Need to Be
2. Cold Blooded Lover
3. You Left the Water Running
4. I Want to Do Everything for You
5. Twist of the Knife
6. Tip of My Tongue
7. Jaded Lady
8. Ain't Lost Nothin'
9. Soul Kind of Loving
10. My Texas Home
11. I Didn't Know the Meaning of Pain
12. If You Think About It
13. Promises
14. Okie Dokie Stomp

"Were You There?" (WC Clark 2011)

1. Having A Party
2. Nightshift
3. Hey Pocky Way
4. Georgia On My Mind
5. You Don't Have To Go
6. Big Boss Man
7. Ain't No Sunshine
8. Bright Side Of The Road
9. Down On Bended Knee
10. Stand By Me
11. What'd I Say

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