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Soul Blues DVD
Used CDs
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Used CDs

ALL CDs Are Used Like New"


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Prince "Emancipation" (3 Discs 36 Songs!)

Used Very Good Condition


Disc: 1
1. Jam Of The Year
2. Right Back Here In My Arms
3. Somebody's Somebody
4. Get Yo Groove On
5. Courtin' Time
6. Betcha By Golly Wow
7. We Gets Up
8. White Mansion
9. Damned If I Do
10. I Can Make You Love Me
11. Mr. Happy
12. In This Bed I Scream

Disc: 2
1. Sex In The Summer
2. One Kiss At A Time
3. Soul Sanctuary
4. Emale
5. Curious Child
6. Dreamin' About U
7. Joint 2 Joint
8. The Holy River
9. Let's Have A Baby
10. Saviour
11. The Plan
12. Friend, Lover, Sister, Mother/Wife

Disc: 3
1. Slave
2. New World
3. The Human Body
4. Face Down
5. La, La, La Means I Love You
6. Style
7. Sleep Around
8. Da, Da, Da
9. My Computer
10. One Of Us
11. The Love We Make
12. Emancipation

NPG 3.99
Prince "Musicology"

Used Very Good Condition


1. Musicology
2. Illusion, Coma, Pimp & Circumstance
3. A Million Days
4. Life 'O' The Party
5. Call My Name
6. Cinnamon Girl
7. What Do U Want Me 2 Do?
8. The Marrying Kind
9. If Eye Was The Man In Ur Life
10. On The Couch
11. Dear Mr. Man
12. Reflection

NPG 2.99
Curtis Mayfield "2 On 1 Curtis & Got To Find A Way" (2 Discs)

Used Very Good Condition


Disc: 1
1. If There's A Hell Below We're All Gonna Go(Don't
2. The Other Side Of Town
3. The Making Of You
4. We The People Who Are Darker Than Blue
5. Move On Up
6. Miss Black America
7. Wild And Free
8. Give It Up
Disc 2
1. Love Me(Right In The Pocket)
2. So You Don't Love Me
3. A Prayer
4. Mother's Son
5. Cannot Find A Way
6. Ain't No Love Lost

Curtom 8.99

Charles Wilson "Troubled Child"

Used Very Good Condition

1.Where My Baby Went
2. Someone Must Have Taught You
3. It's Love That Really Counts
4. I Want to Shout About It
5. Somebody's Tears
6. Troubled Child
7. Is This Love
8. I Don't Want to Take a Chance
9. Good Side of My Girl, The
10. Put Something into It
Severn 4.99

Patrick Green Still A Thrill

Patrick Green "Still A Thrill" NEW Still In Plastic !

 1. Girl U So Sexy
2. Still A Thrill
3. I Need Love
4. Let's Grow Together
5. I'm Gonna Be Alright
6. I Want to Thank You
7. Let's Go Dancing
8. Back Together Again
9. After the Party
Across The Board 6.99

Stephanie McDee "No Strings Attached" NEW Still In Plastic !



El Willie "The Anthem" LISTEN NEW Still In Plastic!

Twilight 5.99

El Willie "Storyteller" LISTEN NEW Still In Plastic!

Twilight 5.99

Taj Mahal "Mo Roots" NEW Still In Plastic!

Columbia 4.99

Howlin Wolf "Change My Way" NEW Still In Plastic!

1. Mr. Airplane Man
2. Love Me Darlin'
3. Change My Way
4. I Walked From Dallas
5. I Better Go Now
6. New Crawlin' King Snake
7. Just Like I Treat You
8. I've Been Abused
9. Don't Laugh at Me
10. I Didn't Know
11. I Ain't Superstitous
12. Howlin' Blues
13. My Mind Is Ramblin'
14. Do the Do
15. Hidden Charms
Chess 4.99

Howlin Wolf "Real Folk Blues + More Real Folk Blues" NEW Still In Plastic!

1. Killing Floor
2. Louise
3. Poor Boy
4. Sitting on Top of the World
5. Nature
6. My Country Sugar Mama
7. Tail Dragger
8. Three Hundred Pounds of Joy
9. The Natchez Burning
10. Built for Comfort
11. Ooh Baby (Hold Me)
12. Tell Me What I've Done
13. Just My Kind
14. I've Got a Woman
15. Work for Your Money
16. I'll Be Around
17. You Can't Be Beat
18. No Place to Go (You Gonna Wreck My Life)
19. I Love My Baby
20. Neighbors
21. I'm the Wolf
22. Rockin' Daddy
23. Who Will Be Next
24. I Have a Little Girl
Chess 6.99

Swamp Dogg "The Excellent Sides Of Volume 1" NEW Still In Plastic!

full albums of "Total Destruction Of Your Mind" & " Rat On"

SDEG 6.99

Swamp Dogg "The Excellent Sides Of Volume 2" NEW Still In Plastic!

full albums of "Cuffed, Collared, Tagged & Gassed" & " Gag A Maggot"

SDEG 6.99

Lonnie Brooks Long John Hunter Charles Walker "Lone Star Shootout" NEW Still In Plastic!



Alligator 4.99

Dr Feelgood Potts "Blues Me Be 4 U Lose Me" NEW Still In Plastic!  
1) Blues Me 4 U Lose Me
2) Grandmom's Cherry Pie
3) Slipping Around
4) I Found My Groove
5) Electric Slide 2000
6) I Need A Little Luck
7) The Midnight Creeper
8) Don't Ask Me For No Money Honey
9) Electric Slide 2000 (Instr)
10) Holiday Blues
Pottstown 6.99

Freddy King "All His Hits" NEW Still In Plastic!


 1. You've Got to Love Her With a Feeling
2. Have You Ever Loved a Woman
3. Hide Away
4. Lonesome Whistle Blues
5. San-Ho-Zay
6. See See Baby
7. I'm Tore Down
8. Heads Up
9. Christmas Tears
10. Side Tracked
11. What About Love?
11. What About Love
12. Look Ma, I'm Crying
12. I'm Crying Look Ma
13. Turns It's Back on You, (The Welfare)
13. The (Turns Its Back on You) Welfare
14. Onion Rings
15. High Rise
16. Some Other Day, Some Other Time
16. Some Other Time Some Other Day
17. Full Time Love

King 4.99

david brinston the real deal David Brinston "Real Deal" NEW Still In Plastic !  

1.Hit & Run
2.Just Can't Take It
3.My Wife
4.I'am Tangled Up
5.Shake Your Pants
6.Party Time
7.Friday Night Ladies Night
8.I'am With You Baby
9.Double Clutch
10.Just For Me

R&B 5.99
david brinston too hot David Brinston "Too Hot" NEW Still In Plastic !  

1.I'm Packing Up In The Moring
2.Cha Cha
3.Shake That Booty
4.I Love Being Tied Down
5.Looks It's Over
6.I'm Sorry
7.Too Hot
8.Work With Me Baby
9.She Robbed Me
10.I've Joined The "Players Club

R&B 5.99
J Blackfoot Room Service J. Blackfoot "Room Service" NEW Still In Plastic !  

1. Now Is the Time
2. Until Then
3. You Are My Glory
4. We're Closer Now
5. Losers Weepers
6. You Deserve an Oscar
7. Summer Lover
8. Let Me Be the One

Basix 6.99

Bobby Purify "Better To Have It" NEW Still In Plastic !

Proper 4.99

Sterling Harrison "South Of The Snooty Fox" LISTEN  NEW Still In Plastic !


1. Ain't Nobody Home
2. You Left the Water Running
3. Surprise, Surprise
4. There's a Rat Loose in My House
5. Seven Days
6. House Where Nobody Lives, The
7. Nickel and a Nail, A
8. Don't Mess With My Money
9. I'll Take Care of You
10. I Believe in You (You Believe in Me)
11. Funny Life



Ollie Nightingale "I'll Drink Your Bathwater" NEW Still In Plastic !

1. I'll Drink Your Bath Water, Baby
2. Changing for the Better
3. Cafe Woman
4. Hold On
5. I'm Ready to Party
6. Babysitting
7. You and Louise
8. She's in a Midnight Mood in the Middle of the Day
9. That's What You Are to Me
10. I Can Show You Better Than I Can Tell You
Ecko 6.99

Freddie Hughes "The Soul Of"

Used Very Good Condition. Inside cover has some writing on it

1. Do My Thing
2. Save Our Love
3. Nick Of Time
4. Future Is Now
5. Rock My Soul
6. Love Land
7. Mirage (Freddie's Theme)
8. Trip City
9. Hang On
Ifgam 3.99

Andrew Edwards "Rising From The Ashes"

Used Very Good Condition

OBB 3.99

Preston Shannon "All In Time"

Used In Very Good Condition


1. Just Between Me and My Woman
2. Tired of the Ghetto Bringing Me Down
3. Are You in the Mood?
4. Jail of Love
5. That's the Way I Feel About 'Cha
6. Wrapped Up Tied Up
7. Welfare Woman
8. Your Good Thang Just Broke Bad
9. Be with Me Tonight
10. Purple Rain
11. Cold Beer Good Time

Bullseye Blues 5.99

Super Percy "Is It Real"

Used Very Good Condition

SP 5.99

John Lee Hooker "The Real Folk Blues"

Used Very Good Condition

1. Let's Go Out Together
2. Peace Lovin' Man
3. Stella Mae
4. I Put My Trust in You
5. I'm in the Mood
6. I Know You Know
7. I'll Never Trust Your Love Again
8. One Scotch, One Beer One Bourbon
9. The Waterfront
Chess 3.99

Elvin Spencer "Picking Up The Pieces"

Used Very Good Condition


  1. Sweet as the Days Go By
2. Tonight's the Night (Gonna Be Alright)
3. Picking up the Pieces
4. She's Better Than You
5. Running Your Game
6. Give Yourself a Chance
7. Baby Don't Hold Back
8. Welcome Home
9. Slow Night in Memphis
10. Heart of Stone
11. What You Mean to Me
12. Don't Look Back

Goldwax 5.99

"Meet Me Tonight" (Ecko 1997)

Chuck Roberson "Meet Me Tonight"

Used Very Good Condition

1. Lollipop Man
2. I Do It All
3. When You Put That Love on Me
4. Love Got Me, The
5. Born All Over
6. Booty Call
7. Meet Me Tonight
8. Got to Have Your Love
9. Hurt Keeps Getting Stronger
10. Let Me Satisfy You Like You Satisfy Me
Ecko 4.99

David Sea "Searchin' For Love"

Used Very Good Condition

1. My Baby
2. Love On My Mind
3. I'm Still In Love With You
4. Forever
5. End Of The Storm
6. (If Loving You Is Wrong) I Don't Wanna Be Right
7. Broken Heart Again
8. A Friend Of Mine
9. Your Touch
10. Searchin For Love
11. Sexy, Sexy, Sexy
12. Distant Lover
Victor Ent 6.99

Uvee Hayes "Sweet & Gentle"

Used Very Good Condition

1. Smooth and Gentle
2. Get to Me
3. In My Eyes
4. A Man's Got to Do
5. Spend the Night
6. Being Right Ain't Easy
7. Two People-Sharing
8. Do Ya'
9. Sweet Sweet Love
10. Say You Love Me
11. Hold Me in Your Arms
12. On My Own
13. Testify
14. Steal Away To Hideaway
Mission Park 8.99

John V. Kelly Sr. "I Catch The Blues"

Used Very Good Condition

Gifft 5.99

Mem Shannon "Memphis In The Morning"

Used Very Good Condition

1. Drowning on My Feet
2. Why I Sing the Blues
3. Memphis in the Morning
4. S.U.V.
5. Invisible Man
6. Tired Arms
7. I Smell Something
8. You Belong to Him
9. I Love the Way You Love
10. Unconditional Love
11. Shake Up the Floor
12. Doing the Best That I Can
Shanachie 3.99

Mem Shannon "Spend Some Time With Me"

Used Very Good Condition

1. Who Are They
2. Paying My Dues
3. Not My Friend
4. Don't Talk About My Mama
5. Last Time I Was Here, The
6. Pray for the Children
7. Dirty Dishes
8. Certain Shade of Blue, A
9. Spend Some Time with Me
10. Mother's Love
11. Born in This Time
12. No Such Thing
Shanachie 3.99

Ellis Hooks "Uncomplicated"

Used Very Good Condition

  Evidence 4.99

blues boy willie be who 2.jpg

Blues Boy Willie "Be Who 2"

Used Very Good Condition

 1. party all night
2. i still care
3. break away
4. the rest of my life
5. where is leroy
6. love darling love
7. lets get closer
8. be who too
Ichiban 9.99

Charlie Jones "The Ultimate"

Used Very Good Condition

1. Don't You Feel You Owe Me Some Lovin
2. It's How Love Should Be
3. Can't Stop Lovin' You
4. Reach Down Inside
5. Keeping You Forever
6. When You Love Somebody So
7. I'm Just Watching You
8. That Gives Me the Blues
9. See What You Do to Me
10. Believe in Yourself
Ambush 9.99

Lucky Peterson "Black Midnight Sun"

Used Very Good Condition



Dreyfuss 4.99

Roy Young "Memphis"

Used Very Good Condition



Tommy Boy 2.99

clarence carter dr cc with "Strokin'"

Clarence Carter "Dr. CC"

Used Very Good Condition


1. Dr. C.C.
2. I Stayed Away Too Long
3. If You Let Me Take You Home
4. Left Over Love
5. You Been Cheatin' On Me
6. Try Me
7. Let's Funk
8. Strokin'

Ichiban 3.99
Various Artists "Red, White & Blues"

Used Very Good Condition

 1. Why I Don't Know - Francine Reed
2. Juke Joint Blues - Blues Boy Willie
3. Through With Love - Travis Haddix
4. Lonesome Blues - Jimmy Dawkins
5. Cryin' And Thinkin' - Luther 'Houserocker' Johnson
6. I Miss You So - Sandra Hall
7. Trudy Lynn Sings The Blues - Trudy Lynn
8. I've Got The Blues All Over Me - Jerry McCain
9. Hattie Mae - Artie 'Blues Boy' White
10. If You Can Beat Me Rockin' - Gary B.B. Coleman
11. One Slick Woman - Chick Willis
12. Stop Doggin' Me Around - Theodis Ealey
13. Cook Me - Legendary Blues Band
14. Southern Christmas - Slim Fatz
15. You Bug Me - Francine Reed
DM 3.99

Jim Bennett "Slap It Tap It"

Used Very Good Condition


 1. Slap It Slap It Slap It, Tap It Tap It Tap It [Remix] - (remix)
2. That Girl Is Mine
3. East Coast West Coast Jam
4. I Can't Walk Away
5. All Night After A Party
6. Soul To Southern Soul
7. Goldilocks
8. Sleep Walkin' Jim
9. Can We Get It On
10. Look What Love Has Done
11. Slap It Slap It Slap It, Tap It Tap It Tap It [Original Version]

Aviara Music 4.99

Sir Jonathan Burton "Juke Box Party" LISTEN

OFF THE CHAIN GOOD!!! all new jams from SJB including a bonus remix of "The Party Don't Start 'Til I Get There" with Black Zack

Used Very Good Condition

1. Got to Get My Party Right
2. No Bones About It
3. Juke Box Party
4. Somebody Like You
5. Can't Touch This
6. The Other Woman
7. Don't Start the Fire
8. If This Is the Last Song I Ever Write
9. Better off Now
10. The Party Don't Start 'Til I Get There (Remix) [feat. Black Zack]
11. Shout Outs 3
CDS 5.99

Sir Jonathan Burton "Othership Connection"


1. Born To Sing Southern Soul Blues
2. Beach Music Lover
3. Willing To Try
4. Dynamite
5. Bull City Funk
6. Second Time Around
7. Anything Goes
8. The Party Don't Start REMIX 2
9. Shout Outs 4
10. Too Much Booty Shakin' 11 Minute REMIX
11.Already Missin'You
12. A Very Special Christmas

CDS 4.99


Stephanie Pickett "Greatest Hits" LISTEN

 1. I Don't Need No Man
2. The Only Time I Get Lonely
3. My Love Is Guaranteed
4. Family Man
5. Run'n
6. I'm Takin' My Man Back
7. What One Man Won't Do
8. Too Many People
9. Still Want You Baby
10.Stay With Me
11.Lie To Me
12.Time Heals All Wounds
13.Let's Get It Together
CDS/Music Access



TJ Taylor "Greatest Hits"

 1. Got To Get My Money Right
2. Player Haters
3. Take My Blues To The Dancefloor
4. Bring It Home
5. Blues Festival
6. Ready For The Rain
7. Sugar
8. Gonna Give You Good Lovin'
9. Jody Be Hittin' It
10.Don't Treat Me Like A Stepchild
11.Your Babies Need A Daddy
12.You Can Call Me TJ
14.The Greatest Song I Ever Sang
**New Bonus Tracks**
15. Be True
16. Tell Me What You Want
CDS/Music Access


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