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Tad Robinson

Born June 24 1956 in New York. In 1976, Tad began attendance at Indiana University in Bloomington, Indiana where he met his wife, Amy, and started his first band, Hesitation Blues Band. Tad moved to Chicago in 1982 where he gigged in the blues happy club scene. His Chicago band with Steve Freund, Marty Binder, and Harlan Terson had a weekly gig as the house band at Rosa’s for three years and also played venues like Buddy Guy’s Legends, The Chicago Blues Festival, B.L.U.E.S., The Wise Fools Pub, and many others. Variations of this band would play in and around Chicago for years until Tad moved back to Indiana in 1998. Tad also toured Europe several times, played dates in Canada and Israel, and contributed to two major motion pictures. One of them, Under Siege with Tommy Lee Jones, as a member of a fictitious blues band with David Letterman guitarist Hiram Bullock, and other film that featured Tad’s music was A Perfect Murder starring Michael Douglas. He took over as vocalist for Dave Spector & The Bluesbords on their 1994 disc "Blueplicity", which included Robinson-penned originals "What's Your Angle," "Dose of Reality," and "On the Outside Looking In." The label, Delmark, gave Tad his own contract and he recorded two records for the label until switching to Severn.

Album Discography

Big Shoulders "Big Shoulders" (Rounder 1989)

1. Plain Folks
2. Certain Amount of Love
3. Boys, Girls and Money
4. Big Shoulders
5. I Got Love
6. I Need Your Help
7. Talk to Me
8. Don't Give Up
9. Shoulder Suite

Dave Specter & The Bluebirds (with Tad Robinson) "Blueplicity" (Delmark 1994)

1. Ridin' High
2. Sweet Serenity
3. What Love Did To Me
4. On The Outside Looking In
5. Blueplicity
6. What's Your Angle
7. That's How Strong My Love Is
8. Dose Of Reality
9. Cool Azul
10. What Have I Done Wrong
11. You've Got Bad Intentions
12. Cattin'

Dave Specter & The Bluebirds (with Tad Robinson) "Live In Europe" (Delmark 1995)

1. West Side Stroll
2. Little by Little
3. Bad Boy
4. Bluebird Blues
5. It's Too Late Brother
6. Kidney Stew
7. Wags' Blues
8. Dose of Reality
9. I Die a Little Each Day
10. Sweet Serenity
11. On the Outside Looking In


"Ode To Infinity" (Delmark 1995)

1. Empty Apartment Bles
2. Coming Home
3. At The End Of The Tunnel
4. Eight Days A Week
5. Trouble In Mind
6. Can't Print It Fast Enough
7. One To Infinity
8. Walking In The Sunshine
9. Lonely Man
10. Raining In New York
11. Little Rascal
12. Give Love A Chance

"Last Go Round" (Delmark 1998)

1. Last Go Round
2. Payback
3. If I Had To Do Again
4. Some Of My Best Friends Are The Blues
5. Have You Heard From My Baby?
6. The Waiting Game
7. Since You've Been Gone
8. I've Got To Go
9. No Exit Blues
10. More And More
11. Another Song, Another Day
12. Shine A Light

"Did You Ever Wonder?" (Severn 2004)

1. They Say
2. Did You Ever Wonder?
3. The Bitter And The Sweet
4. Too Late To Turn Back Now
5. Woman Trouble
6. Your Love Is Amazing
7. Suffering With The Blues
8. Welcome Home
9. Pockets Full Of Nothing
10. My Love Is Real
11. Dying From The Blues

"New Point Of View" (Severn 2007) LISTEN

1. Long Way Home
2. Ain't That Loving You (For More Reasons Than One)
3. Up And Down World
4. You Get To Keep The Love
5. He's Movin' In (To Her Life)
6. More Good Than Bad
7. Two Of A Kind Blues
8. Broken-Hearted Man
9. When You're Ready
10. Love Is Everything
11. Back For More

"Back In Style" (Severn 2010)

1. Rained All Night
2. Full Attention Blues
3. You Name It I've Had It
4. On and On
5. I'm in Good
6. Just Out of My Reach
7. Sunday Morning Woman
8. Half Smile
9. Turn to the Music
10. Get Back to Love

   "Day Into Night" (Severn 2015)

1. Soul Lover
2. Call Me (Version 1)
3. Lonely Talking
4. He's Moved On
5. Lead Me On
6. Mellow In Love
7. Love Is a Winner
8. Blue Yesterday
9. While You Were Gone
10. Nightwatch
11. Need Some Better
12. Call Me (Version 2)


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