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Reggie P CDs

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Reggie P "Who Am I" LISTEN

Limited Stock!

1. Let's Start All over Again
2. Motel 2
3. Your Love Is a Bad Habit
4. Dream Weaver
5. Damned If I Do
6. For You
7. Bump & Grind
8. Playing Me for a Fool
9. Nobody Wants You
10. No More Tears
11. Something About You
12. In the Air Tonight
13. Let Me.......
Avanti 14.99

Reggie P "Rude Boy Of Southern Soul"

In Stock

1. Enough Is Enough
2. Me On Top Of You
3. Win Or Lose
4. P's & Q's
5. Whip That Thang
6. Tell Me The Truth
7. Preacher Man
8. Tko (Remix)
9. Let Me See You Do It
10. Dream Weaver (Remix)
Rude Boy 14.77
Reggie P "Why Me?" LISTEN

In Stock

1. Why Me?
2. Come On Girl
3. Soul Steppin'
4. Hold On
5. Drop That Thing
6. Not Gonna Cry
7. Droppin' Salt
8. Ready to Accept
9. Eyes Are Rainin'
10. Soul Steppin' Remix
Allison 14.77
Reggie P "Your Love Is A Bad Habit" LISTEN

In Stock

1. Witness
2. I've Got That Feeling
3. Your Love Is A Bad Habit
4. Nobody Wants You
5. Unforgettable Dreams
6. Motel 2
7. No More Tears
8. Your Love Is A Bad Habit (Remix)
9. Let's Start All Over Again
Reggie P 13.99

Reggie P "Can't Turn A Street Woman Into A Housewife"  LISTEN

Limited Stock. Get It While You Can

In Stock


1. Can't Turn A Street Woman Into A Housewife
2. Droppin' Salt
3. Don't Wanna Lose Your Love
4. Just A Simple Lady
5. Blues Celebration
6. One Touch Of Your Love
7. Try Mine
8. Tonight
9. It's Broom Jumpin' Time
10. Let Me

KOW 14.99



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