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Tyrone Davis "Back To The Future Years" *  
1. Do You Feel It
2. It's a Miracle
3. It Keeps on Flashin' Back
4. Heart Failure
5. Overdue
6. Sexy Thing
7. Come on Over
8. Wrong Doers
9. I'm So Excited
10. Be Honest With Me
11. You Stay on My Mind
12. All of Me
Malaco 11.99

Tyrone Davis "The Legendary Hall Of Famer" (EndZone) Tyrone Davis "The Legendary Hall Of Famer"

In Stock

1. Legendary Hall of Famer, The (Intro)
2. Get Your Groove On
3. Anyway
4. Try My Love
5. Hot Spot
6. Can I Stop By
7. Handle Your Business
8. Let's Stay Together
9. Stepper's Holiday
10. Who's Loving You Now
11. Suspicious Mind
EndZone 12.99

Tyrone Davis "The Best Of" *



1. I Tried It Over (And Over Again)
2. Can I Change My Mind
3. Woman Needs to Be Loved, A
4. Is It Something You've Got?
5. Turn Back the Hands of Time
6. I Had It All the Time
7. There It Is
8. Turning Point
9. Give It Up, Turn It Loose
10. This I Swear
11. In the Mood
12. Heart Failure
13. Are You Serious
14. Little Bit of Loving, A (Goes a Long Way)
15. I Found Myself When I Lost You
16. Let Me Be Your Pacifier
17. Mom's Apple Pie
18. I'll Always Love You

Rhino 13.99
tyroneloveline.jpg Tyrone Davis "Love Line" *  
1. Po House
2. Tip Toe Through the Bedroom
3. Who's Been Rockin'
4. I Hit the Jackpot
5. Sweet Thang
6. Love Line
7. You're Something Else (With Yourself)
8. Ring My Phone
9. I'm Hanging up My Heart For You
10. Lover
Malaco 13.99
tyronerelaxin.jpg Tyrone Davis "Relaxin' With" *  
1. Sugar Daddy
2. Kiss You
3. He'll Never Love You
4. Sure Wasn't Me
5. Leavin' Me
6. What's a Man to Do
7. Power
8. Can't Help But Say
9. Family Affair
10. Tribute to Johnnie Taylor
Malaco 13.99
Tyrone Davis "Call Tyrone" *  
1. Call Tyrone
2. Turn Back The Clock
3. You Got What It Takes
4. I Can't Help Myself
5. Ooh La La
6. Sleep With Me
7. Cheatin' In The Next Room
8. You Don't Love Me
9. All The Waiting Is Not In Vain
10. Leavin'
Malaco 13.99
Tyrone Davis "Pleasing You" *  
1. U Should Be My Girl
2. Black Magic
3. Delicious
4. I Wanna Do You
5. Gotta Get You Off My Mind
6. Keep It Comin'
7. We Can't Go on Like This
8. Temporary Lovin
9. Let Me Please You
10. Such an Easy Question
Malaco 13.99
Tyrone Davis "Simply" *  
1. Ain't That Good Enough
2. My Key
3. Freak
4. I Wish It Was Me
5. Where Are You Lady
6. Please
7. Linger a Little Longer
8. Never Ever Let You Go
9. In the Mood
10. Can I Squeeze You
Malaco 13.99
Tyrone Davis "Give It Up (Turn It Loose): The Very Best Of The Columbia Years"

In Stock

1. Dogg
2. Bangin the Headboard
3. Come to Daddy
4. Tease
5. Rock Me
6. Whip Appeal
7. Slide on Over
8. Back That Thang Up
9. Wrong Place
10. You Are
11. I Wake Up Crying
12. Ties That Bind
Legacy 11.99



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