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TK Soul "Ghetto Superstar" LISTEN

In Stock


1. Tk Soul Intro
2. Blues to Southern Soul
3. Street Light
4. The Soul Glide
5. The Greatest Emotion 2
6. A Good Man
7. Take Care of Home
8. Thank You
9. Superwoman Superman
10. Ghetto Superstar (Keep On Steppin)
11. Dont Make Me Beg
12. We Gonna Party Tonight
13. Tk Soul Radio Show

Soulful 14.99
TK Soul "The Legacy"  
1. I'm Looking For A Lady
2. Caught Up In Doing Wrong
3. We Gonna Party Tonight
4. Zydeco Bounce (Extended Mix)
5. Rehab
6. They Wonna Party
7. Try Me
8. It Ain't Cheating Til U Get Caught
9. Party Like Back In The Day
10.If U Don't Want Me
11.Cheating And Lying
12.Where Jody Stay
13.My Kind Of Girl
14.Meet Me At The Spot
15.All The Man You Need
16.My Life


T.K. Soul "Life After Love" LISTEN  
1 Now This is a Party (3:48)
2 Somebody Loves You (4:28)
3 The Goodbye Song (5:07)
4 I'm Looking For a Lady (4:14)
5 Where I'm From (5:16)
6 Caught Up In Doing Wrong (4:12)
7 That Kind of Man (3:41)
8 I Stay Ready (4:22)
9 Get It (4:21)
10 Everything (4:17)
Soulful 14.99
TK Soul "Undisputed" LISTEN  
  1. Undisputed
2. Love T.K. Soul
3. Party Like Back in the Day
4. It Aint Cheatin Til U Get Caught
5. What Does It Take
6. Love Make You Do Thangs
7. #1 Fan
8. 25 to Life
9. Good Love
10. You're So Special
11. Try Me
12. Flowers


T.K. Soul "Evolution Of Soul" LISTEN  
1. Zydeco Bounce
2. Baby I Love You
3. Soul Ship
4. Rehab
5. They Wanna Party
6. You Got to Cheat
7. She Told on Herself
8. Thats How I Feel
9. Days of My Life, The
10. Soul Clap
Soulful 14.99


T.K. Soul "One Woman Man"  
1. She's Bad
2. All the Man You Need
3. Short Skirts Tight Jeans
4. Straight No Chaser
5. Meet Me at the Spot
6. Tonight We Make Love
7. One Woman Man
8. Missing You
9. I'm in Love
10. My Life
Soulful 16.99


T.K. Soul "Bad Boy Of Southern Soul"  
1. Shake It Down
2. My Kind of Girl
3. Little Love, A
4. Sprung
5. Party Til U Cant No More
6. Where Jody Stay
7. Bedroom Conversations
8. Lover for Life
9. Shes a Player
10. Rain
Soulful 14.99


T.K. Soul "Love Games" (Soulful) T.K. Soul "Love Games"  
  1. Cheatin and Lying
2. Let's Stay Home Tonight
3. Candy Girl
4. You Ring My Bell
5. We Be Sliding
6. If You Don't Want Me
7. Jodette
8. Real Love Is Calling
9. Single Man
10. I Want You (For Christmas)





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