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Ms. Jody "I Got The Feeling" LISTEN

In Stock Now!

1 There's a Party Goin' On
2 Come On
3 Zydeco Rodeo
4 Dogettes
5 Don't Back up off It
6 It's Too Late to Do Right Now
7 This Place Is Hot
8 All True Man
9 I Got the Feeling
10 I'm Tired of Being a Secret
11 Makin' Love Is Always Better When the Bills Are Paid
12 You Got to Leave Me Baby



Ms. Jody "The Best Of"

In Stock


1 Ms. Jody's Thang (Remix)
2 The Bop
3 Still Strokin'
4 Your Dog's About to Kill My Cat
5 It's the Weekend
6 Energizer Bunny
7 Sugar Daddy
8 The Rock
9 Just Let Me Ride
10 When Your Give a Damn Just Don't Give a Damn Anymore
11 Big Daddy Don't You Come
12 The First Time
13 I Did It
14 Shake Your Booty
15 Weekend Lovin'


MS. Jody "It's All About Me I'm Taking Back My Life (DELUXE Edition)"

In Stock

1 He's My Candy Man (4:30)
2 The Rock (5:35)
3 I'm Not a Cougar (4:37)
4 It's All About Me (4:46)
5 I'm Gonna Keep My Love At Home (4:42)
6 Ms. Jody's Boogie Slide (4:40)
7 Every Woman For Herself (4:23)
8 I'm Gonna Stand By You (4:23)
9 My Cat Smells a Rat (5:14)
10 Another Bad Habit (4:43)
11 One Hour Baby (4:58)
12 You're the Best No-Good Man I Ever Had (4:35)
13 Let Me Ride (4:39)
14 I Apologize (5:31)


Ms. Jody "Still Strokin'" LISTEN

In Stock

It's A Reunion
Still Strokin'
Good Love
Just Let Me Ride
Dance Party
Ms. Jody Don't Mind Breakin' Up Somebody's Home
Another Get Drunk Party
Where Can I Find A Good Man
You Didn't Appreciate What You Had When You Had It
Your Man Was Looking For That Good Thang
Shake Yo Booty (remix)


Ms. Jody "Talkin' About My Good Thang" LISTEN

In Stock

 1. I Ain't Gonna Lie This Time
2. Just Let Me Ride Again
3. You Got Your Hooks in Me
4. I'm Gonna Take It Laying Down
5. A Piece on the Side
6. Talkin' Bout My Good Thang
7. Doubler Dealer
8. If He Knew What I Was Thinking
9. Shake a Tail Feather
10. Don't Say I Love You
11. I'm Gathering up the Trash
12. When the Show Is All Over


Ms. Jody "Ms Jody's In The House" LISTEN

In Stock


1. Ms. Jody's In The House (Intro)
2. When Your Give A Damn Just Don't Give A Damn Anymore
3. Come A Little Closer
4. Let Me Be The Shoulder
5. Something I Want - (featuring David Brinston)
6. Southern Soul Dip
7. Just A Little Bit Won't Get It
8. I Never Knew Good Love Could Hurt So Bad
9. I Just Wanna Love You
10. Ms. Jody's Thang - Zydeco
11. You Lost A Fortune
12. When Your Give A Damn Just Don't Give A Damn Anymore [Radio Version]
13. I Did It

Ecko 13.99

Ms Jody "Keepin' It Real"

In Stock

1. Take Me
2. The Jody Juke
3. Move On
4. I've Got the Strength to Stay Gone
5. I'm Keepin' it Real
6. I Wanna Rock it In Your Rocking Chair
7. The First Time
8. The Spank
9. I Thank You for a Job Well Done
10. I'm Staying In With My Man Tonight
11. Midnight Lovers
12. I Needed That
Ecko 13.99

Ms. Jody "Ms Jody's In The Streets Again" LISTEN

In Stock

1. Ms Jody's In the Streets Again
2. Weekend Lovin'
3. I Won't Be Back
4. Bop, The
5. I Wanna Make Love To You Tonight
6. Tell Me When You Want It
7. Finders Keepers
8. I've Got the Strength To Walk Away
9. Deal With It
10. You Had It All
11. Lick If You Can't Stick
12. I Can't Feel You No More
13. You Meant It For My Bad But It Turned Out For My Good
Ecko 13.99

Ms. Jody "It's A Ms Jody Thang" LISTEN *  
1. Cheatin' Comes with a Price
2. You've Got to Play with It Before You Lay with It
3. Ms. Jody's Thang - (Remix, remix)
4. You're a Good Man But a Lousy Lover
5. Better the Goods the Higher the Price, The
6. He Takes Me Around the World Without Leaving My Bedroom
7. He's Coming in the Backdoor
8. Loving You Is Like Doing Hard Time
9. Only a Fool Would Cheat on a Good Man Like You
10. I Please My Man
Ecko 14.99

Ms. Jody "You're My Angel"

In Stock


.1. Ms. Jody
2. You're My Angel
3. Sugar Daddy
4. Quiet Storm
5. Shake Your Booty
6. Get Drunk Party
7. I Never Take a Day Off
8. I Had a Good Time
9. Love Shop Mechanic
10. Ms. Jody - (Remix)

Ecko 13.99
Ms. Jody "What You Gonna Do When The Rent Is Due?"

In Stock

Ecko 14.99
Ms. Jody "I Never Take A Day Off"

In Stock

Ecko 13.99



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