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Jimmy Lewis "Lighten Up" *


1. On the Low Down
2. This Is War
3. You Snooze You Lose
4. Potty Man
5. My Kinda Girl
6. Start All Over
7. 50 Ways to Leave Your Lover
8. A Man Never Knows
9. Good Woman Bad Man
10. I'd Rather Want Something
11. Rich and Famous
12. Pool Boy Blues
13. Something for Nothing

Miss Butch 13.99

Jimmy Lewis "Soup Bone" *


1. Don't Send a Girl to Do a Woman's Job
2. Give Me This Weekend
3. Love Trainee - (featuring Miss Brandy Jones)
4. Secret Lover, Undercover (I Don't Know How to Let Her Go)
5. Wife #1 Wife #2
6. It's a Different Feeling When U. R. Stealing
7. People Will Lie
8. Why Do Fools Keep Falling in Love
9. Pool Hall Willie
10. Different Strokes for Different Folks
11. I Found Somebody
12. I Don't Want It All
13. You Are My Woman
14. If I'm Not Still Married
15. Party, Party, Party

Miss Butch 13.99

Jimmy Lewis "That Baby Ain't Black Enough" *


1. That Baby Ain't Black Enough
2. Don't Tell Me What a Man Won't Do for a Woman
3. From Panties to Bloomers
4. I Got Bumped from the Oprah Show
5. Be Be Is Not My Woman
6. Your Best Girl Friend
7. Keep It Real
8. Automation
9. It's a Woman's Thang
10. No Way Jose
11. I Have Never Loved No One Like I Love You
12. Bills, Bills, Bills
13. Me or My Brother
14. You Don't Have to Be Ugly
15. Big Booty Contest - (Club Dance Mix)

Miss Butch 13.99

Jimmy Lewis "Beauty Shop Gossip" *


1. Child Support & Alimony
2. She's Not the Cheating Kind
3. Gossip from the Beauty Shop
4. Baby Hold On
5. It Ain't the Size of the Ship
6. I Was There for You
7. Love's Got Cha
8. God's Little Angels
9. Leave Her Alone
10. Big Fine Mama

Miss Butch 13.99

Jimmy Lewis "Communication" *


1. Introduction
2. Sweet Daddy Baby - (featuring Natisse Bambi Jones)
3. String Bean - (featuring Peggy Scott-Adams)
4. Love Ain't Love Till U Give It Away - (featuring Peggy Scott-Adams/Greg Rose)
5. Older Man's Queen or Young Man's Slave
6. You Can't Touch the Music from the Sixties Thru the Eighties - (featuring Aaron Lewis)
7. I Got Those Rich White Folks Blues - (Intro Brandon Rogers)
8. Girl Dawgs and Boy Dawgs - (featuring Peggy Scott-Adams)
9. Everybody's Got a Phone Communication
10. Good, The Bad and the Ugly, The
11. Light Skin Girls, Dark Skin Girls
12. Caught Up
13. Wife, Woman, Lover, Friend
14. You Said It, No I Didn't - (featuring Natisse Bambi Jones)
15. This Little Light of Mine

Miss Butch 13.99

Jimmy Lewis "Never Met A Woman I Didn't Like" *


1. Don't Get Mad, Get Even
2. No Chicken Wings
3. I Was Wrong
4. You Can't Throw a Pork Chop by a Hungry Wolf
5. Reasons
6. Where's the Stairs?
7. One Woman
8. How Can I Get Your Love Back
9. Friendly Neighbor
10. Keeping You Up Is My Down Fall
11. Receiving Stolen Goods
12. Gimme Money Back
13. Be Good to Old People

Miss Butch 13.99

Jimmy Lewis "Soulgasm" *


1. See You Next Weekend - (featuring Peggy Scott-Adams)
2. Hold on to What You've Got - (featuring Little Richard)
3. I Fool Around Sometimes (It's Not Gonna Happen)
4. I Love Legs
5. Without a Woman
6. I Make Love to Feel Good
7. Betty This and Betty That
8. What's the Deal
9. Just Let 'Em Talk
10. Mojo

Miss Butch 13.99



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