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Ernie Johnson Squeeze It Ernie Johnson "Squeeze It"

Limited Stock


 1. Who Is That Man
2. All American Girl
3. Squeeze It
4. It's Getting Hard
5. It's Party Time Again 2000
6. I've Been Loving You to Long
7. Who Told You
8. Entertainer, The
9. You Made This a Happy Home
10. I Remember J.T.
11. Sexy (Sleeper)

Phat Sound 13.99
Ernie Johnson Just In Time

Ernie Johnson "Just In Time" *


1. Just in Time
2. You're About to Succeed
3. Party All Night
4. You're Gonna Miss Me
5. Mouth to Mouth Resuscitation
6. In My Dreams
7. Cold Woman
8. Give Me a Little Bit of Your Loving

Ronn 13.99
ernie johnson it's party time

Ernie Johnson "Party Time"

In Stock


1. It's Party Time
2. Honey I Love You
3. That Thang
4. Congratulations
5. Broke Man Can't Win
6. Dreams to Remember
7. Hard Times
8. Am I Losing You
9. Crying Out the Blues
10. Final Notice
11. I'm Doing Alright
12. Jesus Is a Waymaker

Paula 9.99
ernie johnson in the mood

Ernie Johnson "In The Mood" *


1. I'm in the Mood for the Blues
2. Loves on the Other Line
3. Cold This Winter
4. Don't Waste My Time
5. I Love You
6. Bouncin' Back
7. Share You With Someone Else
8. Hold On
9. Move Along
10. It's All Over

Waldoxy 12.99
Ernie Johnson Hot & Steamy

Ernie Johnson "Hot & Steamy" *


1. Kiss It
2. Can't Keep a Good Woman Down
3. I'll Be Gone for Good
4. Made Your Bed Hard
5. Honey Love
6. I'll Choose
7. Hot & Steamy
8. My Lover's Prayer
9. Tonight's the Night
10. E.J. Stomp

Waldoxy 13.99



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