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  Denise LaSalle "24 Hour Woman"

In Stock

1. Cheat Receipt
2. Home Wrecker
3. Too Many Women
4. (I'm a) 24-Hour Woman
5. If You Can't Keep It Up
6. Ride On
7. I'll Be Your Kitten, Baby
8. Three is a Crowd
9. Older Woman (Looking For a Younger Man)
10. (You Hit One) Over the Fence
11. Let's Make Love (Like It's the Last Time)
Malaco 13.99
  Denise LaSalle "Greatest Hits" *  
1. Wet Match
2. Your Husband Is Cheating On Us
3. Someone Else Is Steppin' In
4. Why Am I Missing You
5. Lady In The Street
6. Down Home Blues
7. Bump And Grind
8. Give Me Yo' Most Strongest Whiskey
9. Don't Mess With My Man
10. Drop That Zero
11. My Tu-Tu
12. Trapped...1990
Malaco 11.99

Denise LaSalle "At Her Best"

In Stock

1. Snap, Crackle and Pop
2. Bone Me Like You Own Me
3. You Should Have Kept It in the Bedroom
4. It's Going Down
5. Wanted Man
6. I'm Still the Queen
7. Mississippi Woman
8. It Was a House Until You Made It a Home
9. Pay Before You Pump
10. They Made a Blues Fan Out of Me
11. Dirty Freaky Man
12. 24 Hours
13. I'm Still the Queen (Blues Mix)
Ecko 10.99
Denise LaSalle Wanted.jpg

Denise LaSalle "Wanted"

In Stock

1. Snap, Crackle and Pop
2. Thrill Is on Again, The
3. Wanted Man
4. They Made a Blues Fan Out of Me
5. Doormat Woman
6. It Was a House Until You Made It a Home
7. Woman Needs Money, A
8. Love You Threw Away, The
9. Who Needs an Enemy With a Friend Like You?
10. Bone It Like You Own It
Ecko 13.99
Denise Lasalle Still The Queen

Denise LaSalle "Still The Queen"

In Stock

1. I'm Still the Queen
2. Dirty, Freaky Man
3. You Should Have Kept It in the Bedroom
4. What Kind of Man Is This
5. Funky Blues Kind of Mood
6. Cover It Up
7. Who Needs You
8. In a Midnight Mood in the Middle of the Day
9. Unlovable Habits
10. There's No Separation
Ecko 13.99
Denise LaSalle "Pay Before You Pump" LISTEN

In Stock

1. Pay Before You Pump
2. It's Goin' Down
3. I Need a Working Man
4. Mississippi Woman
5. Hold on Tight
6. Hell Sent Me You
7. Walking on Beale Street and Crying
8. I'm Hangin' On
9. You Don't Live Here No More
10. I Tried
11. It's Goin' Down (Radio Version - Clean)
12. Mississippi Woman - (DeLta Blues Mix)


denise lasalle smokin in bed.jpg

Denise LaSalle "Smokin' In Bed" *

Malaco 12.99
denise lasalle stil lbad.jpg

Denise LaSalle "Still Bad" *

Malaco 12.99
Denise LaSalle Lady In The Street

Denise LaSalle "A Lady In The Street" *

Malaco 12.99
 "Right Place, Right Time" (Malaco 1984)

Denise LaSalle "Right Place Right Time" *

Malaco 12.99
denise lasalle love talkin.jpg

Denise LaSalle "Love Talkin'" *

Malaco 12.99
denise lasalle rain & fire

Denise LaSalle "Rain & Fire" *

Malaco 12.99
"Hittin' Where It Hurts" (Malaco 1988)

Denise LaSalle "Hittin' Where It Hurts" *

Malaco 12.99
"Still Trapped" (Malaco 1990)

Denise LaSalle "Still Trapped" *

Malaco 12.99
"Love Me Right" (Malaco 1992)

Denise LaSalle "Love Me Right" *

Malaco 12.99



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