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Cicero Blake "Greatest Hits" LISTEN

In Stock

 1. I'm Into Something
2. Dip My Dipper
3. Here Comes The Heartaches
4. It's You I Need
5. Damn Fool
6. She Works The Night Shift
7. I'm Satisfied
8. I Can't Go On Mrs Jones
9. It's The Blues Uprising
10.Be Careful With My Heart
11.I Want Some More
12.(Hidden Track)
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Cicero Blake "I'm Satisfied" LISTEN

In Stock


1. I Can't Go on Mrs. Jones
2. Dip My Dipper (What U Say)
3. I'm Satisfied
4. She Works the Night Shift
5. I Want Some More of Your Love
6. Into Something
7. It's the Blues Uprising
8. You're No Good
9. Here Comes the Heartaches
10. I'm Satisfied [Extended Version]
11. In the Vibe Room/Let Jesus Lead You

CDS 11.99
Just One Of Those Things" (Valley Vue 1993) Cicero Blake "Just One Of Those Things" *  

1, Don't Wanna Blow My Chance With You
2. Just One of Those Things
3. Laundromat Blues
4. Low Down Dirty Blues
5. Caught in the Wrong Again
6. High Steppin' Mama
7. Don't Even Try It
8. Girl I'm in Love With You
9. As the Years Go Passing By
10. That Love Is Gone
11. I'm Into Something
12. Things That I Used to Do

Valley Vue 13.99
cicero blake wives night out.jpg Cicero Blake "Wives Night Out"



1. Wives Night Out
2. Getting the Best of Nothing
3. Turn Your Porch Light On
4. Telling Her About You
5. Love Like a Woman
6. Time to Get up (Go Home)
7. I Saw It Coming
8. Let It Roll
9. I'm the Man for You
10. I Got the Touch If You Got the Time

Ace 12.99
ciciero blake stand by me.jpg Cicero Blake "Stand By Me" *  

1.. Stand by Me
2. Give Me Something to Come Back To
3. You're the Keeper of My Flame
4. I Got to Find a Black Cat Bone
5. Great Pretender
6. This Time Around
7. Somebody Is Telling Our Business
8. I Got to Talk to Your Man
9. Telling Her About You
10. Time to Get up (Go Home)

Ace 13.99
cicero blake ain tnothing wrong Cicero Blake "Ain't Nothing Wrong"



1. Ain't Nothing Wrong
2. Let's Go Dancing
3. Waiting on You
4. Jump
5. It's the Weekend
6. Stroke You
7. Shake It Up
8. If It Wasn't for the Woman
9. Can't Keep My Hands to Myself
10. Walk Away

Mardi Gras 13.99




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