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* Special Order. Please Allow Two Weeks For Delivery


Charles Wilson "Southern Soul Jook Joint" LISTEN

In Stock

1 Jook Joint
2 Another Man Will
3 If You Don't Want Me
4 Back It Up
5 Ride Your Body Tonight
6 Outside Love Affair
7 I Dance Better (Extened Version) [feat. Mel Waiters]
8 Plumber Man (Extended Version)
9 Sweet & Sour Loving
10 This Bed Ain't Big Enough (Remix)
11 Think About What You Got (Remix)
Music Access



Charles Wilson "Sweet & Sour Blues"  

In Stock

1 Clean Out of Love
2 Good Ole Monday
3 Sweet & Sour Loving
4 Getting Old, The Alternative
5 Hard to Teach, Hard to Learn
6 Old Fashioned Justice
7 2 Steps from a Lie
8 Dinner With the Devil
9 Six Women in My Life
10 Lump in My Throat
11 Love Coupons


Charles Wilson "The Best Side Of Me" LISTEN *


1.Mississippi Boy Pt. 2 (feat. J Wonn)
2.Hold It n da Road
3.Can You Help Me
4.Gitty Yup
5.Untie My Hands
6.Can We Swing Around
7.Just to Be with Her
8.Old Man Wrong
9.Can We Talk About It
10.Gitty Yup (Club Remix)

Music Access 14.99

* Special Order. Please Allow Two Weeks For Delivery

Charles Wilson "2 On 1: Pay Myself First & That Girl Belongs To Me"

2 albums on 1 CD

with Mel Waiters & Willie Clayton

In Stock

1. I'm Not Afraid To Love
2. The Woman a Man is Looking For
3. You Got That Sex Appeal
4. I Want To Know What Kind of Love You Got
5. Pay Myself First
6. Give Me Your Love
7. Butts Up!
8. I Guarantee Satisfaction
9. Weight Ain't Nothing But Something To Be Loved
10. I Believe Jesus Loves Me
11. I Don't Want To Be a What You Want Somebody
12. Party Tonight
13. That Girl Belongs To Me - (featuring Willie Clayton)
14. I Can Dance Better
15. Something Different About You - (featuring Mel Waiters)
16. Lovemaking On My Mind
17. Sex Appeal [Mel Waiters Remix] - (remix)
18. Would You Dance With a Man Who Can't Dance
19. Your Man Don't Do That
CDS 11.99

Charles Wilson Sexual healing Charles Wilson "Sexual Healing" LISTEN

In Stock


1 Sexual Healing
2 Check Yourself
3 Mississippi Boy
4 If You Can Do It
5 I Love You Too Much
6 Just Enough Love
7 If It Ain't Broke (Don't Fix It)
8 Back and Forth
9 All Caught Up

Hitmakers USA 14.99

charles wilson you gotta pay to play.jpg Charles Wilson "You Got To Pay To Play"

In Stock


1. Show Me What You Working Wit
2. Monkey Talk
3. Brown Sugar
4. Back and Forth
5. Same Door
6. Smack It Up
7. All Caught Up
8. Shadows on the Wall
9. Your Body's Here
10. You Got to Pay to Play

Wilson 8.99

"The Best Of Charles Wilson" (Ecko 2006) Charles Wilson "The Best Of"

In Stock


1. Love Seat
2. In the Room Next to the Room
3. Two Steps Behind
4. Private Affair
5. It's Sweet on the Backstreet
6. Over at Fannie Mae's
7. Leave the Light On
8. Two Wrongs Made a Right
9. It Ain't the Size
10. Why Don't We Get Together
11. Backdoor Lover
12. Mr. Freak
13. Cheater's Nightmare
14. Let's Stomp

Ecko 13.99

Charles Wilson "The After Party Deluxe" LISTEN

"Mississippi Boy", "Plummer Man", "Christmas In Memphis" etc..

In Stock


1. Something Different About You (on "Deluxe" version only)
2. Without That Boom! (on "Deluxe" version only)
3. After Party, The
4. Plumber Man
5. Mississippi Boy
6. Broke into My Heart
7. Candlelight
8. I'll Follow That Thing
9. You're the Shhh
10. Watch It Shake
11. That's the Way We Want It
12. That Boom!
13. Christmas in Memphis

CDS 12.99
Charles Wilson "Songs From The Vault" *  

1 I Love My Wife
2 Partime Woman
3 Too Think
4 All Because of Your Love
5 So Called Friends
6 Home Wreckers
7 Tell Him
8 If Walls Could Talk
9 So in Love With You
10 Ain't Nothing Wrong
11 Good Thing Man

Wilson 14.99
* Special Order. Please Allow Two Weeks For Delivery

charles wilson mr freak Charles Wilson "Mr Freak"*  

1. Mr. Freak
2. Let's Stomp
3. You Can't Lose What You Never Had
4. Why Should I Get Married When My Neighbor's Got a Wife
5. Hoochie Booty
6. I'll Be Your Lover
7. I Love the Love in You
8. I'm So Glad
9. Why Don't We Get Together
10. Leave the Light On

Ecko 13.99
* Special Order. Please Allow Two Weeks For Delivery

charles wilson "It's Sweet On The Backstreet" (Ecko 1995) Charles Wilson "It's Sweet On The Backstreet"*  

1. In the Room Next to the Room
2. I've Got Trouble in My Bedroom
3. Homewreckers
4. Keepin' up With the Joneses
5. Over at Fannie Mae's
6. It's Sweet on the Backstreet
7. Old Man Jody's Son
8. Slow Down, Lowdown Kind of Love
9. I Wanna Do You Tonight
10. Wife, Woman and Lover

Ecko 13.99
* Special Order. Please Allow Two Weeks For Delivery

"It Ain't The Size" (Ecko 1999) Charles Wilson "It Ain't The Size"*  

1. If You've Got a Love Problem
2. It Ain't the Size
3. Give a Woman What She Wants
4. We Ought to Be Doin' It
5. Keep It a Secret
6. Fireman
7. Two Wrongs Made a Right
8. Outside Woman
9. You Can't Out Cheat the Cheater
10. Cheater's Paradise

Ecko 13.99
* Special Order. Please Allow Two Weeks For Delivery

charles wilson love seat Charles Wilson "Love Seat"*  

1. Cheater's Nightmare
2. Backdoor Lover
3. Snapper
4. Goin' Back to Cheatin'
5. Two Steps Behind
6. Sooner or Later
7. Love Seat
8. Right in the Middle of Wrong
9. Viagra Song, The
10. Private Affair

Ecko 13.99
* Special Order. Please Allow Two Weeks For Delivery

Charles Wilson "Troubled Child" *  

1. Where My Baby Went
2. Someone Must Have Taught You
3. It's Love That Really Counts
4. I Want to Shout About It
5. Somebody's Tears
6. Troubled Child
7. Is This Love
8. I Don't Want to Take a Chance
9. Good Side of My Girl, The
10. Put Something into It

Severn 12.99

* Special Order. Please Allow Two Weeks For Delivery

"If Heartaches Were Nickels" (Delmark 2004) Charles Wilson "If Heartaches Were Nickels" *  

1. Cut You A-Loose
2. Doctor Doctor
3. You Belong to Me
4. Ain't No Hoochie Coochie Man
5. I Talk to Myself
6. Hattie Mae's
7. Cadillac Assembly Line
8. Losin' Boy
9. Up at Carl's
10. Next Time You See Me
11. If Heartaches Were Nickels
12. I Like Your Style
13. Your Love Is Real
14. Lonely Man
15. I Walked All Night Long

Delmark 13.99

* Special Order. Please Allow Two Weeks For Delivery



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