Bill Coday

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Bill Coday Sneakin

Bill Coday "Sneakin' Back" *


1. Get Your Lies Straight
2. Doctor Thrill Good
3. Maybe I'm in Love With You
4. Young, Fine, Sweet and Tender
5. Sneakin' Back
6. Her Love Is Good Enough to Put in Collard Greens
7. Husband Helping Man
8. Your Love Made a Do Wrong Man Do Right
9. I Can Move the Hoochie Coochie Man
10. Moans, Grunts and Groans

Ecko 13.99
"Can't Get Enough" (Ecko 1997) Bill Coday "Can't Get Enough" *  
1. In the Room Next to the Room
2. Not a Word
3. Can't Get Enough
4. That's When the Blues Began
5. Ace of Spades
6. Come On
7. It's a Blues Thang
8. That's How Strong My Love Is
9. Get It While the Gettin' Is Good
10. Bring Your Lunch
Ecko 13.99
"Put Me In The Mood" (Ecko 1999) Bill Coday "Put Me In The Mood" *  
1. I'm a Honey Do
2. Good Neighbor
3. Sexaholic
4. You Changed
5. I'm Gonna Stand Up for Myself
6. Bull Crap Song, The
7. I'm Ready to Ball
8. You Put Me in the Mood
9. Country Back Hills Juke Joint
10. She's in a Midnight Mood in the Middle of the Day
Ecko 13.99
"Memories" (Ecko 2000) Bill Coday "Memories" *  
1. We're Gonna Miss You Johnnie
2. My Outside Woman
3. Bo Hawg Grind
4. You Changed
5. It's a Blues Thang
6. When This Dance Is Over
7. Moans, Grunts and Groans
8. Country Back Hills Juke Joint
9. We're Gonna Miss You Johnnie - (Extended Mix)
Ecko 13.99
Love Gangsta Bill Coday "Love Gangsta" *  

1. Love Gangsta
2. I Ain't Gonna Cry No More
3. On the Chitlin' Circuit
4. Hoochie Dance
5. Leave the Light On
6. If I Can't Cut the Mustard (I Can Still Lick Around the Jar)
7. I'm Gonna Take My Medicine
8. When This Dance Is Over
9. You Caught Me With My Drawers Off
10. Hoochie Dance - (Dance Mix)

Ecko 14.99
Bill Coday Take Me.jpg Bill Coday "Take Me" *  

1. If Johnnie Were Here Today
2. Back It Up And Put It Here
3. I'm A Lover Man
4. You Got My Money
5. Take me
6. Work That Thang
7. It Was A House Until you Made It A Home
8. I Want You
9. If Johnnie Were Here Today (long version)

Ecko 14.99



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