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Lou Wilson & Today's People

Super cool-funky-bluesman Lou Wilson was born in Senatobia MS and has become a revered figure on the modern Soul/Blues scene despite achieving only cult figure status. His career dates back to the 50s as part of the Doo Wop group Wade Flemons and the New Comers, which scored four chart hits with “Here I Stand” (#19 R & B #80 Pop), "Easy Lovin" (#10 R & B #70 Pop), "What's Happening" (#94 Pop), "Please Send Me Someone To Love" (#20 R & B) on Vee-Jay Records. As a solo performer Lou Wilson had two minor hits with “This Love Is Getting Deeper” on Kent Records & “Got To Be Me” on Columbia Records but it wasn't until the 90s that he came into his own fronting Lou Wilson & Today's People, which to date has released four CDs: “On The Right Track, “True Blues” “Primetime Blues” and the acclaimed “Blue Groove.

Album Discography

"On The Right Track" (Crew 1995) "On The Right Track" (Crew 1995) LISTEN

1. One Step From The Door (vocal)
2. One Step From The Door (instrumental)
3. Hard Pill To Swallow
4. I'm On To Something
5. Laughing All The Way To The Bank (vocal)
6. Laughing All The Way To The Bank (instrumental)
7. Do Your Will For A Thrill
8. Bottom Line Is...

 "Primetime Blues" (Crew 2000) "Primetime Blues" (Crew 1996) LISTEN

1. What Can I Do (somebody tell me)
2. There's Been A Change
3. Standing On The Outside
4. Shake My Head And Walk Away
5. Put It On The Internet
6. Drop It On Down
7. Rock And A Hard Place(pt.1)
8. Rock And A Hard Place(pt.2)
9. Are You Lonesome
10. Prime Time
11. I Need Love
12. Never Make A Move Too Soon
13. Stitch In Time Saves Nine

"True Blues" (Crew 1996) "True Blues" (Crew 2000) LISTEN

1. Play The Blues
2. Dipped In Love
3. Miss Leading Mis Guiding
4. Willie Long Green
5. We Can Be Friends
6. Momma Didn't Raise No Fool
7. Love Don't Seem Like Love Anymore
8. Bowevil Man
9. Don't Think
10. Real Deal
11. Kick The Habit

Lou Wilson & Today's People "Blues Groove" (Crew) "Blues Groove" (Crew 2005) LISTEN

1. Boogie Man
2. Fallen Down Can't Get Up
3. "Ol" Skool Joint
4. Since U Been Gone
5. Blues Groove
6. Trippin' Out Over You
7. Not Enough Time On The Clock
8. Big Foot Country
9. Sea Weed
10. Gonna Let The Dogs Out
11. Come Over Here
12. Groove Ain't Nothin But A Feelin'
13. "Ol" Skool Joint (after hours)

"Money Talk" (Allo 2008)

1. Whip It
2. Settle Down
3. Money Talk
4. Around the Corner from Love
5. Dog in the House
6. Taking over my Baby's Mind
7. If It Ain't Broke, Don't Try to Fix It.
8. Roots of My Heart
9. I'm Not Limited
10. You Laid Your Love On Me
11. Mis-high and Mighty
12. Ain't Been Hittin It
13. I Heard It Through the Grapvine
14. Can I Depend On You

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