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Lou Pride CDs

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Lou Pride "Ain't No More Love In This House" *

1. Ain't No More Love in This House
2. I Didn't Take Your Woman
3. Take It Slow
4. Never
5. She Boom Boom Me
6. We Can Do What We Want
7. Love Come Got Me
8. Key to the World
9. I Gotta Move On Up
10. Daddy Don't You Walk So Fast
11. Holding Back the Years
Severn 13.99

Lou Pride "Keep On Believing" (Severn)

Lou Pride "Keep On Believing" LISTEN *

1. Midnight Call
2. Waiting in Vain
3. I Can't Hold It
4. I'm Com'un Home in the Morn'un
5. Love Will Make It Alright
6. I Want to Hold Your Hand
7. Another Broken Heart
8. Real Deal
9. Sunrise
10. Without Your Love
11. I Wanna Be the Man You Want
12. Layin' Eggs
13. Hold on to Your Dream
Severn 13.99

"Words Of Caution" (Severn 2002)

Lou Pride "Words Of Caution" LISTEN *

1. Words of Caution
2. Love Sometimes
3. You Were Never Mine
4. Love for My Baby
5. Don't Blame the Man
6. It's a Good Thing
7. I Found My Baby Gone
8. Bringin' Me Back Home
9. Livin' a Lie
10. After the Party
11. You Are My Rainbow
12. Beware!
Severn 13.99

"I Won't Give Up" (Icehouse 2000)

Lou Pride "I Won't Give Up" *

 1. Ace of Spades
2. Might Give Out
3. Comin' Through the Back Door
4. Fox In the Henhouse
5. Deeper Shade of Blue
6. Love From a Stone
7. Sweet Voice
8. Mighty Big Shoes To Fill
9. Blessing From God
10. Blues for Cryin' Out Loud
11. Strong, Strong Love
12. Long Arm of the Blues
13. Twisting the Knife
14. I Had a Talk With My Baby
Icehouse 13.99

The Memphis/El Paso Sessions 1970-1973" (Severn 2003)

Lou Pride "The Memphis/El Paso Sessions" *

1. Your Love Is Fading
2. Lonely Room
3. Look Out Love
4. I'm Com'un Home in the Morn'un
5. We're Only Fooling Ourselves
6. Phoney People
7. It's a Man's Man's Man's World
8. Work for Love
9. I'm Not Through Loving You
10. Your Love Is Fading
11. Message to the People
12. Tomorrow Is Promised to No One
13. There's Got to Be Someone for Me
Severn 13.99



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