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LaMorris Williams "Mississippi Motown" LISTEN

In Stock

1. Looking for Coco
2. Slow Motion
3. Dream Girl
4. Single Too Long
5. Junk in Yo Trunk
6. Elevator Love
7. Guitar Song
8. I Need You
9. It's Whatever
10. Super Man
11. Let Me Know
12. What's Your Favorite?
13. 5 Senses
14. I'm Concerned
15. Show Me How to 2 Step
16. Love Is
17. Fan Base
18. You Bad
Rocks Landon


LaMorris Williams "Ladies 1st" (2 CD Set) LISTEN

2 discs

features a duet with the one and only Al Green! Also Sir Charles Jones & LJ Echols

Disc 1
1. On the Way Home
2. Hold You Now
3. So in Love
4. It's You Baby
5. Hard By Yourself
6. You Make Me Happy (feat. Al Green)
7. Song for the Lonely
8. Baby I'm Crying
9. Get Close to Me (feat. LJ Echols)
10. Clean Up
11. Patron
12. Impala (Remix) (feat. Sir Charles Jones)
Disc 2
1. Intro (Slow Drag)
2. Stroke It With A Motion
3. Impala
4. Make Your Body Roll (Just Roll)
5. Just For A Little While
6. You Made A Way
7. Ring On Your Finger
8. Pretty Lady
9. Impala (Part 2)
10. One Blessing
Rocks Landon 14.99



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