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Kenne Wayne (Landry) was born September 3, 1966. He realized he wanted to sing at an early age. As a teenager, he began forming bands and entering talent shows in his hometown of Crowley, LA. In his late teens, he became a member of a popular local band that played around the state of Louisiana.

After years in the local 'chitlin' circuit, Kenne' decided that he wanted more out of music than just performing locally. In 1995, he signed with MTE Records and released his first album, "Old Fashion Love". Not only did this album introduce Kenne' as an artist, it also gave way to his talents as a producer and songwriter. He has co-produced and co-wrote each CD.


Album Discography


kenne wayn eold fashioned "Old Fashioned Love" (MTE 1996)


1. In and Out of Love
2. After the Party's Over
3. Got Me Going Down
4. Old Fashion Love
5. Doin' It for Love
6. After It's Over
7. Innocent Until Proven Guilty
8. Don't Stop the Love
9. My Girl
10. At This Moment
11. Poor Man, Rich Man
12. Tired of Reminiscing
13. Miss Goldee
14. No Finance, No Romance
15. Walkin' the Back Streets of Hell


kenne wayne love on me "Love On Me" (MTE 1997)


1. A & B Conversation
2. Love on Me
3. Nothing But Love
4. Good Days
5. Caught
6. Live as One
7. Players Card
8. Can't Get Enough
9. Freddie
10. Two Wrongs
11. Higher Ground
12. House Party
13. Caught (Hip-Hop Rap Version)


"Love Down" (MTE 1999) "Love Down" (MTE 1999)


1. Cheatin on a Good Womans Love
2. Sweet Thank
3. Let Your Love Shine
4. Lucky Man
5. Can I Hook You Up
6. Love to Luv Ya
7. Let's Get Married
8. Love Down
9. Anniversary Song, The (Some Things Never Change)
10. Shake Me
11. Can I Hook You Up
12. Let Your Love Shine - (Gospel version)


"The Licka Sticka" (MTE 2001) "The Licka Sticka" (MTE 2001)


1. Party Ain't Over, The
2. I Left My Woman
3. Mr. Charlie
4. Same Folks
5. Gonna Miss Me
6. Room 244
7. Operator
8. My Angel
9. Licka Sticka, The
10. Encore (A Tribute to Johnnie Taylor)


kenne wayne who is it "Who Is It?" (G Street 2004)


1. Whatcha Gonna Do
3.Tonight's The Night

4.Can I Be Your Man
5.Who Is It
6.I Found Love
7.Got A Love Bone
8.Lovin' Kind
9.Puttin' Our Business In The Street
10.The Party Ain't Over Rmx


kenne wayne time to get loose "Time To Get Loose" (Goodtime 2006) LISTEN

1. Party on Da Weekend
2. If the Shoe Was on the Other Foot
3. Soul Blues
4. Crazy About Your Lovin'
5. Let's Dance
6. Runnin' Around
7. Time to Get Loose
8. Good Ole Blues
9. Get Down and Party
10. Superstar

"You're The Best" (Goodtime 2008) LISTEN

1. You're the Best
2. Games
3. I Can't Tell
4. Is There a Party In Here Now?
5. Georgia Pine
6. Get Cha Some
7. Bad Day
8. Amazing
9. One for the DJ
10. No Love In the Club
11. Welcome To the Party

"The MVP" (G Street 2010) LISTEN

01- Intro
02- Dance wit Me
03- Ride It Like a Cowboy
04- Love Is Still Good
05- Good Good Love
06- Wutang
07- Bop
08- Glad
09- Mr. Dil
10- Can I Make Sweet Love 2 U
11- Hold On
12- Sorry (feat. Sonja Williams)
13- Could You Be a Hater
14- Ride It Like a Cowboy (zydeco version) (feat. Leon Chavis)
15- Ride It Like a Cowboy (slide version) (feat. Leon Chavis & Ves G)


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