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Jody Sticker CDs

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Jody Sticker ""I've Got The Motor For The Boat" * LISTEN  
1. Make That Tooty Talk
2. Do You Think About Me
3. In The Room With Fissy Mae
4. Them People Be Lying On Me
5. You Going To Candy Lickin' School
6. Make That Tooty Talk (Club Mix)
7. I'm Ready To Love Someone
8. Fly Away Marvin
9. I've Got The Motor For The Boat
10.Do You Think About Me (Remix)
Silent M 14.99
* Special Order. Please Allow Two Weeks For Delivery

Jody Sticker "Roll That Thang: At His Best"

Hits + 3 unreleased Tracks

In Stock

1. Roll That Thang (with Sir Charles Jones)
2. Booty Do Right
3. Make It Move
4. The Little Things
5. Step On My Own Heart
6. I Can't Show My Hand
7. I'm Movin' In (with Mel Waiters)
8. Cheating Game
9. Kitty Missing, Kitty Loose
10.You Make My House A Home
11.I Know How To Treat A Lady
12. Mama's Love
13. Scoop It (previously unreleased)
14. Mr Telephone Man (previously unreleased)
15. Bad Love Affair (previously unreleased)
Music Access


Jody Sticker "Mr Booty Do Right" LISTEN

In Stock

1. Mr Booty Do Right
2. I Can't Show My Hand
3. Roll That Thang (with Sir Charles Jones)
4. Kitty Missing, Kitty Loose
5. Sugar Daddy, Love Daddy
6. Sex Release
7. I'm Movin' In (with Mel Waiters)
8. Mama's Love
9. Party Starter
10. Sacrifice for Love (with Sir Charles Jones)
11. Where I Come From
CDS 9.99

Jody Sticker "Birthday Money, Birthday Love" LISTEN

In Stock

1. I'm Writing Checks
2. Roll It Baby
3. Birthday Money
4. They Plottin' On Me
5. Don't Make No Noise
6. 1st Class Lady
7. Sacrifice For Love
8. It's Good On The Top
9. Never Let Your Woman Sleep With Problems
10. Love Bone
11. Roll It Baby Long Version
12. Makes Me Wanna Make Love
13. I'm Movin' In
14. Enough For Two
15. Love Bill
16. Making Love To Me
Silent M 13.99

Jody Sticker "Make It Move" LISTEN

In Stock


1. Make It Move
2. You Make My House A Home
3. Cheating Game
4. The Little Things
5. I Know How To Treat My Lady
6. Step On My Own Heart
7. Give That Money Up
8. Brother Buck Naked
9. Place Taker
10. Blues Southern Soul Haunted House

CDS 9.99



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