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Gregg A. Smith "Greatest Hits: Collector's Edition" (G-Man 2005) Buy CDs

born Feb 7, 1951 in Honey Grove, Texas (about 70 miles northeast of Dallas)..moved to Portland, Oregon when he was about 17. I got into the community choir, the high school band, and joined a working band, The Antoine Brothers with Nolan Struck as the lead singer. Some years later in 1985 Smith released a live record, "The Texas Blues Wailer" to little fanfare but in 1990 Smith managed to get his first studio record, "Money Talks", distributed through the then hot Soul/Blues label Ichiban Records. A second LP, "It's My Time", was also distributed through the label before he was signed to the label for 1997's "I Wanna Rock Ya". Unfortunately this was during Ichiban's decline and the record was soon relegated to cut-out bins. Smith sauntered on with his finest album to date, "Stacked In The Back" before temporarily eschewing his Soul/Blues sound for a contemporary R & B feel on "Forbidden Fruit". In 2005 he released a greatest hits compilation containing the hit "Has It Come To This". Currently he has one of the top rated Radio Shows in North Texas on station KNON,89.3Fm. You can listen every Friday from 9:00am-12:00pm

Album Discography

"The Texas Blues Wailer" (? 1985)

N/R Live recording made with the help of producer Phil York

Gregg Smith Money Talks "Money Talks" (Ultrax/Ichiban 1990)

1. Lowdown
2. Blues In My Blood
3. Money Talks
4. Party Warrior
5. Stick And Stay
6. Stuck On You
7. Young Men Don't Get The Blues
8. You Are
9. Crying In The Chapel
10. Looking For A Lady
11. Bank And Benefits
12. First One

Party Warrior "Party Warrior" (Prestige 1991)

N/R Reissue of "Money Talks"

It's My Time" "It's My Time" (Ultrax/Ichiban 1992)

1.Full Time Lover
2.I Miss You
3.Love Thang
4.Lovers Hangover
5.To The Rescue
6.History Of The Blues
7.It's My Time
8.Too Many Miles
9.Born To Have The Blues

"I Wanna Rock Ya" "I Wanna Rock Ya" (Ichiban 1997)

1. That's the Way
2. Louisiana Bound
3. Dance With the One
4. I Wanna Rock Ya
5. I'm Trusting in You
6. Love Is Amazing
7. Party Down
8. Fell in Love
9. Lovers Hangover
10. Knockin' on Heaven's Door [Live]
11. Full Time Lover
12. Mother

"Stacked In The Back" (Hometown 1999) "Stacked In The Back" (Hometown 1999)

1. Stacked in the Back
2. Stuck on You [Remix]
3. Stick and Stay [Remix]
4. Jack Pot Blues
5. Walking the Dogs
6. Giving You Your Propers
7. Clean Up Man
8. Tired of Being Accused
9. Trouble
10. Ain't No Thang
11. Hot Love

"Forbidden Fruit" (Trinity River 2002) "Forbidden Fruit" (Trinity River 2002)

1. Forbidden Fruit
2. Hush Boy
3. Here I Go Again
4. Serious
5. Brother Ricky
6. Badd Habit
7. Stayed So Long
8. Here I Go Again
9. I Can't Go On
10. Laughing at Us

"Greatest Hits: Collector's Edition" (G-Man 2005) "Greatest Hits: Collector's Edition" (G-Man 2005) LISTEN

1. Has It Come To This 2. Tonight 3. That's The Way 4. Blues In My Blood 5. Stuck On You 6. I Wanna Rock You 7. Stacked In The Back 8. The Low Down 9. Money Talks 10. Dance With The One 11. Louisiana Bound 12. Fell In Love 13. Stick And Stay 14. Knocking On Heaven's Door 15. Mother

"Triple Play Swing" (G Man 2008) LISTEN

1. Romeo & Jez
2. Lookin For a Lady
3. Angel
4. Stand By Me
5. Stayed So Long (Rebirth)
6. Rest My Bones
7. Trouble
8. Has It Come To This
9. One Day At a Time
10. Crying In the Chapel
11. Stayed So Long

"Forever Young" (CDS 2010) LISTEN

1. Forever Young (with Bobby Rush, Lucky Peterson & Carl Marshall)
2. Everywhere I Go They Want My Woman
3. Johnny, Don't Give Your Woman To Frank
4. Let's Keep It Private
5. He Put The Right Woman Out He Put The Wrong Woman In
6. I Haven't Been A Loving Man All Of My Life
7. When It's Just The Two Of Us
8. We Need A Friend
9. Time To Go To Work
10.When People Talk
11.Forever Young Inst.
12.We Ain't Got Long To Stay Here

"Caravan Of Dreams" (CDS 2012)

1 24 Hours A Day
2 You Got To Hurt Before You Heal
3 You Are
4 Stand By Me
5 Blues In My Blood
6 Stuck On You
7 Angel
8 Money Talks
9 Stick And Stay
10 The Lowdown
11 The Thrill Is Gone
12 Party Warrior
13 Knockiní On Heavenís Door

"Wanted: One Soul Man" (CDS 2013)

1. Can You Still Drop It?(4:49)
2. Still Pretty(4:56)
3. Over My Head(3:52)
4. Time to Go to Work [Remix](4:07)
5. Ms. Katie(4:15)
6. Leave Well Enough Alone(3:46)
7. If I Have to Buy Your Friendship...(3:20)
8. I Don't Like Some Things that You Like(4:12)
9. Take Care of You for Me(3:43)
10. Precious Lord(3:47)

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