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El' Willie

Songwriter, Arranger, Producer, Sax & Keyboard Player, Singer William Travis aka "El Willie" began his professional career began in the early 70's, when he joined The Original Drifters as a sax player. In the late 70's he left The Drifters to venture into other types of music. So in the late 70's he joined the renown group called, The Cornelius Brothers & Sisters Rose as a sax player and band leader.  He was with that group approx. two years, and at that time the same guy that was managing The Drifters, Cornelius Bros & Sister Rose, was now managing The Flamingos, and they needed a singer. So he asked him to do him a favor and sing with that group. So he sang with The Flamingos as a background singer and choreographer for about nine months but at the time the doo-woop style wasn't for him. At the request of Eddie Cornelius he returned to the group to become the band director, background singer, and choreographer. He was with the group a total of nine years. In 1991 he branched out on his own and formed a four piece jazz band. In 1994 moved to Atlanta, GA where he became an established songwriter who has written, arranged and produced songs such as, "All My Baby Left Me A Note, My Guitar And A Cookie Jar" and "Stand Up In It" for Theodis Easley. Which remained in the Billboard Magazine at the number one spot for three months as the number one song in single sales , and he wrote "I'm A Man On A Mission" for Willie Hill , El' also added some lyrics to an already very solid layed track as El said by Bruce Billips on" Come Back Home," for Lebrado.

El' Willie released his first C.D. on M.V.P. Records out of West Palm Beach Fla. entitled, "EL ' Over Easy."

Album Discography

"El Over Easy" (MVP 2006)

"Dance With Me" (Hep' Me 2007)

1 I'm So Blessed
2 Will You Marry Me?
3 Sugar I'm Tryin' to Get to Know You
4 I'm So Glad to See You Again
5 Dance with Me
6 I Don't Wanna Stop Loving You
7 Crazy Kind of Mind
8 Stay With Me Tonight
9 You Got Me Where You Want Me
10 Hello Sunshine
11 Springtime at the Old Havana
12 You Made Lovin Easy
13 One Wish- A Song for You

"Situations" (MVP 2008)

1. Come Get Your Groove On
2. Shoo-Be-Doo-Be-Doo-, Shoo-Be-Doo-Be-Dee
3. Situations
4. I Can't Get Over You
5. Don't Ever Be Lonely
6. Will He Be There ?
7. Simple Girl
8. If Someone Know Somebody ?
9. Baby Don't Be Gone Too Long
10. Dope Or Dogfood ?
11. You Got To Play With The Hand You Got
12. Blues Raggae Style
13. Say It's Time For Loving Baby
14. Show Me What You're Working With
15. I'm So Glad I've Got You
16. You Need Jesus

"Come Together" (MVP 2009)

"The Anthem" (MVP 2010) LISTEN

1 The Spot
2 El' Over Easy
3 Tell Me
4 Tj Hustle
5 James Brown (LP Mix)
6 Snap
7 Let It Rain
8 The Anthem (Club Mix)
9 What's Going On In The World Today
10 A Song For My Mama
11 James Brown (Radio Mix)
12 The Anthem (Radio Mix)
13 A Song For Mother
14 Enchanted Memories

"Up Close And Personal" (MVP 2012)

"Greatest Hits Vol. 1" (Twilight 2013)

1 Man On a Mission
2 So Blessed
3 Will You Marry Me ?
4 Mr. DJ
5 Did'nt Your Mama Tell You, Huh ?
6 Situations
7 Shoo-Bee-Doo-Bee Doo
8 I Can't Get Over You
9 The Spot
10 Snap
11 I Don't Wanna Stop Loving You
12 Back in Town
13 El' Over Easy
14 You Got Me Where You Want Me
15 Say You'll Be Mine

"Storyteller" (Twilight 2014)

"Try Me" (Twilight 2015)

"Old School-The Total Package" (Twilight 2016)

"The Game Changer" (Twilight 2017)

1. Feel Real Good
2. Nobody
3. Come on over to My Place
4. Love Story
5. The Game Changer
6. Dance
7. My Baby
8. Caller I.D.
9. Love Land
10. You Were (Always on My Mind)
11. Sexy Lady (feat. Mr. Clinton Powell)
12. Feel Real Good (Remix )
13. Jesus: The Anointed One, Pt. 1
14. Jesus: The Anointed One, Pt. 2

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