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Eddie Hinton

Born Jun. 15 1944 Jacksonville, Fl. Hinton is one of the greatest white soul singers of the modern era- dubbed "the white Otis Redding". His guitar playing can be heard on hit records by Aretha Franklin, Wilson Pickett, Joe Tex, Solomon Burke, Percy Sledge, Johnny Taylor, Elvis Presley, Bobby Womack, Otis Redding & more with the Muscle Shoals [Alabama] Sound Rhythm Section from 1967 to 1971. Hinton was just 22 when he was invited to the Shoals area by fellow songwriter and producer Martin Greene. The Hinton/Greene songwriting and producing team produced several country/soul hits, including "Cover Me," and "It's All Wrong But It's Alright" for Percy Sledge. It was until 1978 that Hinton had a record under his own name, the Capricorn Records, "Very Extremely Dangerous". In 1982, Jimmy Johnson of the Muscle Shoals Rhythm section took Hinton into the studio to record a half dozen songs for a new album, but that project was never released. Hinton's personal life fell apart soon after. Seemingly always a "hard luck guy" (after all he turned down joining the Allman Brothers before they made it big! Oops), Hinton was living on the streets in Decatur, Alabama when he ran into an old friend, John D. Wyker. Wyker saw to it that Hinton again had housing with the plan to record again. With the help of some friends, Owen Brown and Jeff Simpson, Wyker began recording Hinton at Birdland Recording Studio and the new songs were combined with material recorded by Jimmy Johnson in 1982. The result was "Letters From Mississippi". He began touring on the buzz from this album. He was soon signed by Rounder Records and two albums were released. He was working on a third, he suffered a fatal heart attack. Hinton died far too young at age 51 on July 28, 1995. Since then four compilations of unreleased material have surfaced and further cemented Hinton's reputation as one of the most criminally-ignored soul singers of the modern era.

Album Discography

Eddie Hinton Very Extremely Dangerous "Very Extremely Dangerous" (Capricorn 1978) LISTEN

1. You Got Me Singing
2. Concept World
3. I Got the Feeling
4. Shout Bamalama
5. Get off in It
6. Brand New Man
7. Shoot the Moon
8. We Got It
9. Yeah Man!
10. I Want It All

"Letters From Mississippi" (Zane 1987)

1. My Searching Is Over
2. Everybody Needs Love
3. Letters From Mississippi
4. Everybody Meets Mr. Blue
5. It's All Right
6. Sad and Lonesome
7. Uncloudy Days
8. I Want a Woman
9. Ting-a-Ling-Ling
10. I Will Always Love You
11. Wet Weather Man
12. I'll Come Running (Back to You)
13. I Believe in Our Love

Eddie Hinton Cry And Moan "Cry & Moan" (Bullseye Blues 1991)

1. Come on Home Baby Lee
2. Cry and Moan
3. I Found a True Love
4. Testify, (I Got to)
5. Cook With Me Mama
6. Got to Have You
7. Good Times
8. Last Train to Loveland
9. Well of Love, The
10. Bottom of the Well
11. Make It Easy on Me
12. I Remember Justice

Eddie Hinton Very Blue Highway "Very Blue Highway" (Bullseye Blues 1993)

1. I Love Someone
2. Rock of My Soul
3. Poor Ol' Me
4. Sad Carol
5. Very Blue Highway
6. Call a Blues Physician
7. Good Love Is Hard to Find
8. Just Don't Know
9. Let It Roll
10. How You Goin' to Georgia
11. Standin' In
12. Hey Justine
13. Nobody But You

Eddie Hinton Hard Luck Guy"Hard Luck Guy" (Capricorn 1999)

1. Hard Luck Guy
2. Can't Beat the Kid
3. Here I Am
4. Sad Song
5. One Mo Time
6. Watch Dog
7. I Can't Be Me
8. Lovin Chain
9. Three Hundred Pounds of Hongry
10. I Got My Thang Together
11. Ol Mister Wind
12. Ubangi Stomp
13. What Would I Do Without You

Eddie Hinton Dear Y'all "Dear Y'all: The Songwriting Sessions" (Zane 2004)

1. Build Your Own Fire
2. Big Fat Woman
3. Dangerous Highway
4. Cover Me
5. It's All Wrong But It's Alright
6. Every Natural Thing
7. We Got It - (alternate take, Alternative Version)
8. I Still Wanna Be Your Man
9. I'm Coming After You
10. Brown Eyed Handsome Man
11. Dear Y'all
12. Get Off in It (Alternative Version) - (Alternative Version)
13. Super Lover
14. Hymn for Lonely Hearts
15. Just Like Eating Candy
16. Happiness Is Just Around the Corner
17. Things Got to Get a Little Bit Salty
18. I'm on the Right Road Now
19. Dreamer
20. Unlisted Hidden Track

Eddie Hinton Playin' Around "Playin' Around: The Songwriting Sessions Vol. 2" (Zane 2004)

1. Big City Woman
2. Down in Texas
3. Love Attack
4. Satisfaction Guaranted
5. Too Much Monkey Business
6. Help Me to Make It (Power of a Woman's Love)
7. Something Heavy
8. Playin' Around
9. Struttin' My Stuff
10. Home for the Summer
11. Man Ain't a Man, A
12. You Can't Do That
13. Still Water Runs Deep
14. You Don't Call Me No More
15. You're All Around Me
16. Have a Little Mercy on Me
17. That's the Way Love Is
18. Railroad Trestles in California
19. Well of Love, The - (live, bonus track)
20. Mr Pitiful - (live, bonus track)

Eddie Hinton Anthology "The Anthology 1969-1993: A Mighty Field Of Vision" (Raven 2005)

1. I Got the Feeling - (live)
2. You Got Me Singing - (live)
3. Concept World - (live)
4. Shout Bamalama - (live)
5. Just Like the Fool That I Was
6. Heavy Makes You Happy (Sha-Na-Boom-Boom)
7. Got Down Last Saturday Night
8. My Searching Is Over
9. Sad and Lonesome
10. I Want a Woman
11. Here I Am
12. Sad Song
13. Three Hundred Pounds of Hongry
14. What Would I Do Without You
15. Hymn for Lonely Hearts
16. Something Heavy
17. Everybody Needs Love
18. Cry and Moan
19. Bottom of the Well
20. Rock of My Soul
21. Very Blue Highway

Eddie Hinton "Beautiful Dream: Sessions Volume 3" (Zane) "Beautiful Dream: Sessions Volume 3" (Zane 2005)

1. Nice Girl
2. You Left the Water Running
3. You Made Me Sing
4. Everybody Meets Mr. Blue - (alternate take)
5. Just Another Wild Love Affair
6. Got to Be Good
7. Beautiful Dream
8. Alleyway
9. I Won't Let You Down
10. Let It Roll - (alternate take)
11. Same Old Thang
12. Lay It on Me
13. Blue Blue Feeling
14. Neighbour Neighbour
15. Walking with Mr. Lee
16. Turn on Your Love Light

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