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Born in Augusta, GA, Chuck Roberson is a dynamic singer that sounds like a cross between Jackie Wilson and Tyrone Davis.  Roberson began his musical career in the mid-'70s issuing several singles on the Albradella label, including such titles as "Love Affair," "You're Gonna Miss Me When I'm Gone," and "I Feel It Coming," which enjoyed regional success but failed to break through nationally. In the late '70s, Roberson relocated to Philadelphia in hopes of launching a disco career, but eventually returned back home in 1983. Things improved for Chuck with the release of two lps in the late '80s. "I Don't Think You Heard Me Yet" on Traction Records and "Lollypop Man" on Vision raised his profile. "Lollypop Man" became his signature tune. In 1991 he released an obscure LP, "The More We Are Together", on a Florida label called Soul Potion. That record was a flop but  he was signed by Ecko Records in 1996. The label positioned him as a singer of ribald Southern Soul  Blues on his debut LP "Something Good For You" with bawdy titles like "A Whiskey Glass And A Woman's Ass", "Lollipop Man 2" and the title track. This formula continued for six more albums for the label before Chuck found himself back on the independent level. He promptly formed his own imprint, Cruise On Records, and issued a new record in 2005 called "Expressions Of Yesterday".  The release compiled the choicest sides from his first two LPs from the late 80s with the addition of several new songs. In 2009 Roberson signed with CDS Records for a full band CD with 100% real instruments.

Album Discography

"I Don't Think You Heard Me Yet" (Traction 1987) "I Don't Think You Heard Me Yet" (Traction 1987)

1. Hit & Git
2. I Need You
3. Good Thing Man
4. You Gonna Make Me Cry
5. Next Time We Make Love
6. I Don't Think You Hear Me Yet
7. More Than I Can Say
8. I Was Born All Over
9. I Can't Leave Your Love Alone
10. Share It

 "Lolly Pop Man" (Vision 1988) "Lolly Pop Man" (Vision 1988)

1 Lolly Pop Man
2 Every Time You Go Away
3 Let's Stay Together
4 I Can't Take It
5 Let's Do It All Over
6 I Want To Make Love Tonite
7 She Put The Hoo-Doo On The Hoo-Doo Man
8 Give Me Some Of That

"The More We Are Together" (Soul Potion 1991) "The More We Are Together" (Soul Potion 1991)

1 The More We Are Together
2 Let's Take This Night For Love
3 Let's Have Some Fun Together
4 Wildflower
5 Real Thing
7 Pattie-Pattie
8 Secret Love

Chuck roberson something good for you "Something Good For You" (Ecko 1996)

1. You Can Do What You Feel and Still Be a Lady
2. Shut In, Shut Up
3. Whiskey Glass and a Woman's A**, A
4. She's Been Slippin' Out on Me
5. Something Good for You
6. Town I Live In, The
7. Fireman, The
8. Private Affair, A
9. It'll Make You Want to Slap Your Mama
10. Lollipop Man II - (X-Rated Version)
11. Something Good for You (X-Rated)

"Meet Me Tonight" (Ecko 1997) "Meet Me Tonight" (Ecko 1997)

1. Lollipop Man
2. I Do It All
3. When You Put That Love on Me
4. Love Got Me, The
5. Born All Over
6. Booty Call
7. Meet Me Tonight
8. Got to Have Your Love
9. Hurt Keeps Getting Stronger
10. Let Me Satisfy You Like You Satisfy Me

Chuck Roberson Love Power "Love Power" (Ecko 1998)

1. Love Power
2. Play on It
3. Back up Lover
4. Make It Sweet
5. Mr. Lover Man
6. Booty Scoot
7. You Ain't Cheatin' by the Rules
8. Whoop That Thang
9. Save It for Me
10. I Don't Know Why You Treat Me Like You Do

 Chuck Roberson Love Freak"Love Freak" (Ecko 2000)

1. I'l Even Blow Down There
2. Love Freak
3. She Made a Hoochie Man Out of Me
4. Candy
5. Party Freak
6. You Ain't the Only One I'm Giving Some
7. Booty Scoot 2000
8. I'd Rather Be With You
9. Back in the Day
10. If You'r Lucky Enough to Have a Good Woman

"I'm Your Candy Man" (Ecko 2001) "I'm Your Candy Man" (Ecko 2001)

1. Candy Man
2. I Hit the Jackpot
3. You Put Me in the Mood
4. Porno Star
5. Lollipop Woman
6. Let's Set a Date
7. Down Home Blues Show
8. Love Seat 2001
9. Check Up on My Good Thang
10. Are You Just Making Love

chuck roberson let's party "Let's Party" (Ecko 2002)

1. Keep It in the Bedroom
2. You're Gonna Love Me
3. Booty Bounce
4. It Sho Wasn't Me
5. Stroke Me Right
6. That Thang
7. We're Gonna Party
8. You've Been Caught
9. Jealous Love
10. Stand Up America

"A Woman Wants A Freak" (Ecko 2003) "A Woman Wants A Freak" (Ecko 2003)

1. Turn It Loose
2. Woman Wants a Freak
3. You Don't Know How Good You've Got It
4. Heart Can Love Two
5. You Are
6. No Time Like the Present
7. Chuck Strut
8. I Forgot to Be Your Lover
9. I Can Handle It
10. Double Cross

Chuck Roberson Expressions Of Yesterday "Expressions Of Yesterday" (Cruise On 2005)  LISTEN

1. You Gonna Make Me Cry
2. Lollipop Man
3. Good Thing Man
4. I Can't Leave Your Love Alone
5. Do It All Over
6. She's Pouring It On
7. Doing What My Heart Say Do
8. Man Is Got to Have a Woman
9. Let's Stay Together
10. I Wanna Make Love Tonight
11. Hit It and Get It
12. I Feel Sexy
13. Give Me Some of That

Best Of Chuck Roberson "The Best Of" (Ecko 2006) LISTEN

1. Mr. Lover Man
2. You Put The Hoodoo On The Hoodoo Man
3. Booty Scoot
4. Let's Slip Out Tonight
5. Lollipop Man
6. Love Freak
7. A Private Affair
8. Candy
9. Backup Lover
10. No Time Like The Present
11. Turn It Loose
12. You're Gonna Love Me
13. The Fireman
14. Lollipop Man (remix)

"For Real This Time" (CDS 2009) LISTEN

1. We're Gonna Have a Party
2. I Want You to Rock Me
3. Show Me What You Working With
4. Love Me or Leave Me Alone
5. Sexy Lady
6. Lollipop Man Can, The (Revenge of the Lollipop Man)
7. Come Back Kind of Lovin'
8. Tired of Waiting
9. Temporary Sugar Daddy
10. At the Hideaway
11. Change Is Gonna Come

"Deep South Southern Soul" (CDS 2010) LISTEN

1. Stop! (The Ladies & The Babies)
2. Lonely In This House Tonight
3. She's Gonna Love The One Who Loves Her The Best
4. Deep South Southern Soul
5. I Don't Want To Live Alone
6. Jammin' On The Blues
7. The Woman A Man Is Looking For
8. I'm Gonna Make My Move On You
9. Happy With What I Got

"I'll Take Care Of You" (Desert Sounds 2011) LISTEN

1. You Gonna Make Me Cry
2. Lollipop Man
3. Good Thing Man
4. Do It All Over
5. Doing What My Heart Say Do
6. Man Is Got to Have a Woman
7. Let's Stay Together
8. I Wanna Make Love Tonight
9. Hit It and Get It
10.I Feel Sexy
11.I'll Take Care Of You (Vocal)
12.I'll take Care Of You (Instru)
13.I'll take Care Of You (Extended Club)

"The Devil Made Me Do It" (Desert Sounds 2012) LISTEN

1. It Shouda Been Me
2. They Got a Room
3. Spare Me the Heartache
4. Hometown Blues
5. I'll Take Care of You
6. The Devil Made Me Do It
7. Woman Enough to Leave
8. It's Not Over
9. Chuck Strut
10. After Our Love Affair

"The Other Side Of Me" (Cruise On 2014)

"Over In The Woods" (Cruise On 2016) LISTEN

1 Disco Lady
2 Over in the Woods
3 You Been Cheatin' on Me
4 Let Your Love Fall Down
5 She Was Your Wife, but I'm Her Man
6 Do It All Over
7 We're Gonna Have a Party
8 It's Not over Till You Say We're Through
9 Tired of Waiting on You
10 When Something Is Wrong with My Baby
11 Back Stabbing Friend
12 Words

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