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Charles Walker  charles walker live

Charles Walker was born in Nashville July 12th, 1940. He was nicknamed 'Wig' by his mother because of his full head of hair as a kid. Like so many others from Charles background his singing began in Church and school.His professional musical journey began in his hometown with his first recording 'Slave To Love' released in 1959 on the Nashville 'Champion' label. He relocated to New York shortly afterwards and met record entrepreneur Bobby Robinson who cut some demos with Charles for his 'Fury' label. Soon afterwards, a chance meeting with the J.C Davis Band, who had played the famed Apollo Theatre, opening for Jackie Wilson led to Charles becoming their lead singer. During his time with the L.C Davis band he toured the country opening for many of the greats of the era, including Jackie Wilson, James Brown, Etta James, Wilson Pickett, and Little Willie John. With Charles as lead singer they recorded 'Sweet Sweet Love' and 'The Chicken Scratch' for Chess records. These cuts never become hits at the time, but their quality has endured that over the years they have become highly collectable. By 1965 Charles had split with the J.C Davis band and taking some of the key players with him formed 'Little Charles and The Sidewinders' . Through the help of Lloyd Price the group recorded 8 sides for Decca, but they didn't chart. The Sidewinders continued to record for more outre labels with names like Botanic, Drum and Red Sands. At one time Charles even had his own label, P R Gallery. If that's an odd name for a record company it's because it was named after a New York art gallery which Charles owned in the eighties. The Sidewinders and a solo album recorded for Lloyd Price in the 70s remains unreleased. Throughout much of the 70s Charles' music career was on hold as he threw his efforts into his gallery, until he took a short stint as a songwriter for Motown in 1979. He then decided to relocate to Europe, with writing partner Barbara Perrie. Some of his earlier recordings had been reissued in Europe that created a demand for 'live appearances '. Charles spent most of the eighties in England and Spain with his career mostly in once again in limbo before returning to Nashville in 1993.Although reluctantly and not in the best of personal circumstances Charles found that he'd returned to a thriving blues/soul scene and quickly slipped back into the live circuit. Other legendary Nashville soul/blues recording artists were also making comebacks and Charles would often sit in on sessions with the likes of Earl Gaines, Roscoe Shelton, Johnny Jones, Al Garner appearing on Garner''s "Leavin' Tennessee" album on Black Magic; followed by his own disc for the label in 1999.  It was picked up by Cannonball in early 2000 and retitled "Leavin' This Old Town".

Album Discography

Charles Walker  I'm Available ....jpg "I'm Available" (Black Magic 1999)

Re-released as "Leavin' This Old Town" below.

"Leavin' This Old Town" (Cannonball) "Leavin' This Old Town" (Cannonball)

1. Homewrecker Legs
2. Leavin' This Old Town
3. Fleetwood Cadillac
4. Make It Rain
5. Nothing a Young Girl Can Do
6. Need Somebody
7. I'm Available
8. Judge of Hearts
9. Monkey Song, The
10. You Got the Walk
11. Tattler, The
12. When I'm Gone
13. Very Thing That Makes You Rich

Johnny Jones & Charles Walker "In The House" (Crosscut 2001) Johnny Jones & Charles Walker "In The House" (Crosscut 2001)

1. I Can't Do That
2. Drifter, The
3. Slave to Love
4. Gypsy Woman
5. Finger Lickin'
6. They All Look Better in Green
7. Can I Get an Amen
8. Chicken Scratch
9. Storming and Raining Blues
10. Strain on My Heart
11. 99, 000 Watts of Soul Power
12. Nothing a Young Girl Can Do

charles walker number by heart.jpg "Number By Heart" (Zane 2003)

1. Number by Heart
2. Your Time to Cry
3. One Man's Poison
4. I Just Want to Love Somebody
5. Love and Tenderness
6. Snake Juice
7. We Got a Secret
8. Ain't Gonna Beg
9. Give Me Your Hand
10. Alison
11. Fool's Advice, A
12. At the End of the Day
13. It Tears Me Up

The Dynamites with Charles Walker "Kaboom" (Thirty Tigers 2007)

1. Intro (Body Snatcher)
2. Own Thing
3. Can You Feel It?
4. Come on In
5. Way Down South
6. Slinky
7. Every Time
8. Dig Deeper
9. What's It Gonna Be?
10. Killin' It

"Still Finding My Way" (Deep Down 2007) LISTEN

1. Not This Time
2. Somebody Like You
3. Sweat
4. How Wrong
5. Love's Gonna Get You
6. More Than You'll Ever Know
7. Livin In A World Of Hurt
8. I'm Still Finding My Way
9. Weekend Love Affair
10. Call It What You Will
11. Love Don't Work Like That
12. Hush Money
13. Chain Reaction
14. Standin' In A Circle
15. Let's Fall Back In Love

The Dynamites with Charles Walker "Burn It Down" (Thirty Tigers 2009)

1. Burn It Down
2. If I Had Known
3. Somebody's Got It Better
4. Can't Have Enough
5. Do the Right Thing
6. I Got Love for You
7. Treadneck
8. Somebody Stop Me
9. (It's A) Sunny Day
10. Third Degree, The
11. If You Don't Mean It
12. Real Deal

"Soul Stirring Thing" (Blues/SPV 2010)

1. Soul Stirring Thing
2. There Is Nothing I Can Do
3. That's a Lie
4. One Step Closer to the Blues
5. Magic Man
6. No More Tears for You
7. Third Time's a Charm
8. House That Love Lives In, The
9. Tomorrow Night (Colsow)
10. San Diego Serenade
11. My Buddha
12. Time to Kill
13. Danger Zone, The
14. Giant Switches

"Love Is Only Everything" (Redeye 2013)

1. So Much More to Do
2. Wakie Wakie
3. Still Can't Get You Out of My Heart
4. I Just Want to Know
5. Yours and Mine - (featuring Bettye LaVette)
6. Love is Only Everything
7. Get Up On Living - (featuring Spencer Garn)
8. Keep Close
9. Serendipity - (featuring Charles Treadway/Derrek Phillips)
10. Please Open Up the Door - (featuring Derrek Phillips)

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