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Bobby Bowens

Born Horace ''Bobby'' Bowens in Edisto Island, South Carolina and started his music career at an early age, singing in church choir's and playing drums at record hops while attending Jane Edwards Elementary and Baptist Hill High Schools. He migrated to New York city, where he perfected his talents, playing in different bands and with hundreds of musicians.

Bobby went on to become a studio musician and has backed up such internationally known recording artist such as Maxine Brown, Lyodd Price, Wilson Pickett, Freddy Scott, Millie Jackson and Don Covay just to name a few.

As a musician and recording artist Bobby started as the drummer, writer and producer for the group Shades Of Magic, where he wrote and produced songs ''Gonna Love Some Body" and ''Your Love is a Tower of Power'' lead by vocalist Ron Engram, a very talented vocalist. These songs did very well. Things then really took off when bobby was persuaded to sing on ''My love is in your pocket''. A song he also wrote.

Then the group became Bobby Bowens and "Shades of Magic". He then ventured out as a solo artist.

Album Discography

 Bobby Bowen & Shades Of Magic "Gotta Keep Reaching For The Top" (Galactic Star/Move 1984)

1 Let's Stop The Clock (Vocal)
2 Under Cover Lover
3 Gotta Keep Reachin' For The Top
4 Flashback
5 Baby Come With Me
6 Gotta Keep Reachin' For The Top (Instrumental)
7 Your Love Is A Tower Of Power
8 Gonna Love Somebody (Real Version)

"It's All About Love" (Tampa Soul 2004)

1. Affection
2. Hoochie Makin Love
3. Stealin Luv.( edisto island blues)
4. Makin Luv.
5. Good
6. Easy Rider
7. I'm in the nude
8. Get down to love
9. Dedication
10. 7 day weekend
11. Looking out side for love
12. Sweet love so good
13. Makin luv. (inst)
14. Hoochie (inst)

"Great, Great Woman" (Tampa Soul 2005)

1. Doin it on the beach
2. When you see this tape
3. Would you rock me
4. Great great woman
5. Fire lady
6. My love is in your pocket
7. Lovin on borrowed time
8. Hoochie makin love
9. Good
10. Makin luv in the bath tub
11. Affection
12. Stealin love

"The Rump Shakers" (Tampa Soul 2007) LISTEN

1. She's Got a Lump For a Rump
2. Scratch Your Itch
3. Who's Lovin You Tonite ?
4. One in a Million
5. Get Down On It
6. Savin It For My Baby
7. Your Love Is a Tower of Power
8. The Way You Love Me
9. Cant Get Enough of You
10. Let's Do It Again
11. Reachin For the Top
12. Flash Back
13. Undercover Lover
14. Let's Stop the Clock
15. She's Got a Lump For a Rump (inst)
16. Scratch Your Itch (inst)

"Shining Star" (Tampa Soul 2010)

1. America Rises and Shines
2. Cheaters
3. You're A Shining Star
4. When Push Comes To Shove
5. My Baby Wanna Do It Again
6. Show Me
7. She Didnt Come Runnin Behind Me
8. She's Got A Lump For A Rump . Pt. 2
9. Do It On the Beach (soul Beach Party)
10. What Ever She Wants
11. Soul Party
12. Booty Bumpin Time
13. Gonna Love Some Body

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