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Betty Padgett CDs

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Betty Padgett "I Didn't Take Your Man (You Gave Him To Me)" LISTEN

In Stock

 1. Nobody but You
2. I'm Available
3. Sorry (We Couldn't Make It Work)
4. He Do Things Your Money Can't Do
5. I'm Losing a Good Man
6. Do It in the Name of Love
7. I Didn't Take Your Man
8. Feelin Real Good
9. I'm a Brand New Me
10. Your Time to Cry
11. At the Downbeat


Betty Padgett "The Real Deal" LISTEN

In Stock

1. I Made It
2. Got to Make a Change
3. Old Man Young Man
4. Shook It Off
5. I Love You
6. I'm for Real
7. Paying Bills and Poppin' Pills
8. Let Your Mine Go Back
9. Perfect Man
10. Come on Over
Meia 14.99
Betty Padgett "Never Coming Home" LISTEN

In Stock

1. Sneaking Around
2. Come On Over
3. Best Friend My Lover
4. Never Coming Home
5. Rock Your Boat
6. Hey Boy
7. I Found A Love
8. Bounce
9. Perfect Man
10. Check Yourself
Meia 13.99
Betty Padgett 30 Second Man

Betty Padgett "30 Second Man"

In Stock

1. 30 Second Man
2 Shut Your Mouth
3 You're Gonna Make Me Cry
4 Dream On
5 He Made My Day
6 I'd Rather Go Blind
7 Funny
8 No Medication
9 30 Second Man (Club Version)
Two Ts 12.99
Betty Padgett "Sugar Daddy"*  
1 It Would Be A Shame
2 My Eyes Adore You
3 Sugar Daddy (part 1)
4 Tonight Is The Night
5 Never Never Never
6 Gypsy Of Love
7 Sugar Daddy (part 2)
8 Rocking Chair
9 Love Me Forever
UPC 14.99



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