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Otis Clay CDs

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Otis Clay "Truth Is"*

1. Love's After Me
2. Even Now
3. I Thought You Knew
4. All That's Missing is You
5. Walk a Mile In My Shoes
6. Truth is
7. I Know I'm Over You
8. Even When I Win (Seems Like I Lose)
9. Steal Away To the Hide Away
10. I Keep Trying (Not To Break Down)
11. That's What You Ought To Do
12. The Only Way is Up
13. All That's Missing is You (Epilogue)
14. Messing With My Mind
Echo 14.99


Otis Clay & Johnny Rawls "Soul Brothers"

In Stock

1. Only You Know and I Know
2. Momma Didn't Raise No Fool
3. Voodoo Queen
4. What Becomes of the Brokenhearted
5. Living On Borrowed Time
6. Turn Back the Hands of Time
7. Road Dog
8. Poor Little Rich Girl
9. Hallelujah Lord
10. Waiting for Dreams
Catfood 13.99
Otis Clay "Respect Yourself" (Blind Pig)

Otis Clay "Respect Yourself"

In Stock

  1. Introduction
2. You're the One
3. When Hearts Grow Cold
4. Nickel and a Nail
5. Sho Wasn't Me
6. For the Good Times
7. I Can Take You to Heaven Tonight
8. Amen/This Little Light of Mine
9. Love & Happiness
10. I Just Wanna Testify
11. Respect Yourself
Blind Pig 12.99



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