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Mr David CDs

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Pressha (Mr. David) "Don't Get It Twisted"

In Stock


 1. Intro
2. Don't Get It Twisted
3. Down Under
4. Make You Dance
5. My Angel
6. Splackavellie
7. Do Boy (Interlude)
8. Shake It Down
9. I Love You
10. Shawty
11. Let Me Go
12. Do Boy
13. No Way To Win
14. Splackavellie (Red Zone Remix)

La Face 13.99

Mr. David "Southern Soul Singer" LISTEN

In Stock


1 Pimpin' Ken (Intro)
2 Where U Want Me to Put It
3 Better When You Steal It
4 You Don't Appreciate
5 Jody's Creepin'
6 2 Step Like We Used To
7 I'll Satisfy
8 Trouble in My Life
9 Big Girl Loving
10 I Love the Music (Outro)
11 Shoo Da Wop
12 Hate the Game
13 Slide On
TMR 13.99


Mr. David "Put It On Ya" LISTEN In Stock

1. Soul Skool
2. Make Love Last
3. Mr Right Now
4. Put It On Ya
5. Smash It
6. Turn Up
7. Delta Dream Girl
8. Shirt She Use To Sleep In
9. Will You Be My Valentine
10. One Kiss (Outro)



Mr. David "Me Loving You" LISTEN In Stock

1. Intro
2. Fatback and Collard Greens
3. Me Lovin' You
4. Yard Boy Blues
5. Interlude
6. Baby That's Me
7. Southern Soul Roll
8. Cheap Azz Bottle O' Wine
9. Slow Drag
10. Mind Her Business
11. Never Give Up
Waldoxy 13.99



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