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Jim Bennett CDs



Jim Bennett "Southern Soul Highway: The Essential"

The ultimate Jim Bennett cd with 14 tracks of his best plus a couple new tracks

In Stock

1 Mr. Right On Time Dr Feelgood (4:44)
2. Slap It Slap It Slap It Tap It Tap It Tap It (4:44)
3. Jody Got It All (4:33)
4. My Dear (4:27)
5. Southern Soul Highway (4:37)
6. You Can Use Me Up (4:11)
7. If He Wonít, I Will (4:47)
8. If I Canít Have Your Love (5:09)
9. She Laid A Freak On Me (4:22)
10. Just Keep Backing It Up (4:43)
11. Itís You That I Need (4:20)
12. The Body Roll (4:37)
13. Sleep Walkiní Jim (4:24)
14. Goldylocks (4:49)
CDC 11.99

Jim Bennett "Taking It To The Next Level"

In Stock


1 I'm Ready To Party
2 Keep On Backing It Up
3 The Body Roll
4 It's You I Need
5 Take It To The Dance Floor
6 Slap It Slap It Slap It Tap It Tap It Tap It
7 She Wanna Come Back
8 A Carolina Beach
10 Look What Love Has Done
11 All Night After A Party
12 Slip Out Tonight

Aviara 11.99

Jim Bennett "Slap It Slap It Tap It"

In Stock

1. Slap It Slap It Slap It, Tap It Tap It Tap It [Remix] - (remix)
2. That Girl Is Mine
3. East Coast West Coast Jam
4. I Can't Walk Away
5. All Night After A Party
6. Soul To Southern Soul
7. Goldilocks
8. Sleep Walkin' Jim
9. Can We Get It On
10. Look What Love Has Done
11. Slap It Slap It Slap It, Tap It Tap It Tap It [Original Version]
Aviara 11.99
Jim Bennett "Go Go Style"

In Stock

1. Go Go Letter to My Baby
2. Slap It, Slap It, Tap It
3. Bedroom Workout (Go Go Version)
4. I Just Can't Leave
5. Bump and Roll
6. Jb's Go Go Groove
7. Come Go With Me
8. I Can't Walk Away
9. Jb's Go Go Groove (Instrumental)
JaBen 11.99



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