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Frank-O Johnson CDs


Frank O. Johnson - O.J. I'm Guilty

Frank-O Johnson "OJ I'm Guilty"

In Stock


1.O.J. I'm Gulty 4:49
2.Hold On 5:29
3.Talk Dirty to Me 4:35
4.Right Time to Cry 4:22
5.I Can't Stand It 3:39
6.Call on Me 4:06
7.Somebody Called My Wife 4:26
8.Let's Make Love Tonight 4:15
9.You Got to Know 4:28
10.Nine Pound Steel 3:59
11.I've Got Good Love 4:41
12.Nighttime Love, Daytime Pain 4:37

Ace 10.99

"Faces Of Frank-O" (Phat Sound 1998)

Frank-O Johnson "Faces Of Frank O"

In Stock


1. It Hurts Too Much to Talk About It
2. He Talks to Me About You
3. Flying High
4. Too Rich
5. Rock-N-Roll Ladies
6. Don't Wanna Lose Your Love
7. Ghetto Cowboy
8. My Lady
9. Love Stealing Time Again
10. He's Coming Back

Phat Sound 14.99


Frank-O Johnson "Only Time Will Tell"

In Stock


1. Only Time Will Tell
2. Crazy About You
3. H-U-R-T
4. She's The Right Girl For Me
5. Leaving You
6. Ruby Red Ring
7. I'm Just Laying Here
8. Let's Do Some Love Talking
9. Sexy Feeling
10. By His Stripes
11. Praise The Lord (Victory)
12. Heavenly Father

Phat Sound 11.99



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