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Eddie Holloway "The Greatest Hits" LISTEN

In Stock

 1. I Had a Good Time
2. Poor Boy
3. Nine Pound Steel
4. My Mind Is Too Strong
5. When Something Is Wrong with My Baby
6. Pop That Koochie
7. Slippin' on My Love
8. Whole World's Got the Blues, The
9. Mr. Telephone Man
10. Shake N' Bump
11. Don't Cry
12. Hey Girl
13. Don't Make Me Cross Over
14. Chokin' Kind
15. If Loving You Is Wrong (I Don't Want to Be Right)
16. I Found a Love
Empire 14.99
Eddie Holloway "I Had A Good Time"*  
 1. I Had a Good Time
2. I'm the One
3. Poor Boy
4. Tribute to the Kings
5. Nine Pound Steel
6. When Something Is Wrong With My Baby
7. I Want to Be Your Lover
8. Baby Don't Cry
9. My Mind Is Too Strong
Hot 14.99
Eddie Holloway Hollerin & Poppin Eddie Holloway "Hollerin & Poppin"*  
  1. Pop That Koochie
2. Slippin' On My Love
3. Must I Kill Her
4. Somebody Took My Woman
5. Don't Cry
6. Love Sick Blues
7. Raise A Ruckus
8. Hey Girl
9. When We're Together
10. The World's Got The Blues
11. Mr. Telephone Man
Hot 14.99
Eddie Holloway "Shake N Bump"*  
 1. Shake N Bump
2.Don't Make Me Cross Over
3.I Came A Long Way
4.My Special Prayer
5.Chokin Kind
6.When We're Together
7.If Loving You is Wrong
8.I Found A Love
9.I Had A Good Time
10.My Mind is Too Strong
11.Poor Boy
12.Shake N Bump (Instrumental)
Hot 14.99



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