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Earl Duke CDs

* Allow Two Weeks For Delivery



Earl Duke "Keep The Faith" LISTEN *

1 Down for You
2 Green Grass
3 Just One Lifetime
4 Faith
5 Mr. Jody
6 Slow Down
7 Im Feeling Myself
8 Twerk Sumpthin
9 A Woman Needs
10 Im Feeling Myself (Remix)
MA 13.99
* Special Order. Please Allow Two Weeks For Delivery



Earl Duke "Turn It Up" LISTEN In Stock

 1. Turn It Up
2. Talking All Overtown
3. We Made It Do What It Do
4. Bounce Bounce Bounce
5. Start Our Love Anew
6. Crazy About Your Love
7. Can We Make It Up
8. Forever
9. You Can't Change Me
10. Earl's Got Soul Medley
11. Bounce Bounce Bounce (club remix)
CDS 12.99

Earl Duke "Somebody's Gettin' It" *

 1. Drop It Like It's Hot
2. Somebody's Getting It
3. I Work Hard For My Woman
4. Southern Soul
5. Step Into My Arms
6. Living in the Shadows
7. Funny
8. I Got What You Want
9. I Need Somebody
10. Welfare Line
11. Stay
12. Truck Driver
13. Living in the Shadows - (remix)
Mardi Gras 14.99
* Special Order. Please Allow Two Weeks For Delivery

Earl Duke "Down For You" *

1. Mr. Fix It
2. I'm Down for You
3. Same Mama
4. Slow It Down
5. Woman With a Donk
6. Rock That Boat
7. She Got It All
8. Woman Needs Holding, A
9. Summer Time
10. Let Me Fix It

Mardi Gras


* Special Order. Please Allow Two Weeks For Delivery



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