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Clarence Carter CDs


Clarence Carter "Best Of Dr's Greatest Prescriptions" *


1. Strokin'
2. Trying to Sleep Tonight
3. Messin' With My Mind
4. I Was in the Neighborhood
5. Dr. C.C.
6. Love Me With a Feeling
7. I'm Not Just Good, I'm the Best
8. Slip Away
9. Grandpa Can't Fly His Kite
10. Kiss You All Over
11. I've Got a Thing for You
12. I'm Between a Rock and a Hard Place

Ichiban 13.99


Clarence Carter "Sing Along With" LISTEN In Stock


1. A New Love
2. Baby Baby
3. Don't Bother Me [Explicit]
4. I Wouldn't Do That If I Were You
5. Looking For A Fox (live)
6. Let's Start Doing
7. Let's Straighten It Out
8. Look What I Got
9. Make My Groove
10. I Want To Mark Your Card

Cee Gee 11.99

clarence carter one more hit with "are You Ready For The Blues?"

Clarence Carter "One More Hit"

In Stock


1. Lust in My Mind
2. All Night
3. Are You Ready for the Blues
4. A New Love
5. Forget This
6. Prove Your Love
7. You're Worth the Risk
8. Take It All Off
9. Let's Start Doing

Cee Gee 10.99

clarence carter dr cc with "Strokin'"

Clarence Carter "Dr. CC"

Used Very Good Condition

In Stock


1. Dr. C.C.
2. I Stayed Away Too Long
3. If You Let Me Take You Home
4. Left Over Love
5. You Been Cheatin' On Me
6. Try Me
7. Let's Funk
8. Strokin'

Ichiban 7.99

"Carter's Corner" (Cee Gee Ent. 1996)

Clarence Carter "Carter's Corner"*


1. Sugar Daddy
2. I Know I Got to Do
3. Hen House Ways
4. Takes Only a Minute
5. Just Don't Get Caught
6. Forget This
7. You Were Not Here
8. Moving In
9. I Don't Belong

Cee Gee 12.99

 'Bring It To Me" (Cee Gee Ent. 1999)

Clarence Carter "Bring It To Me" *


1. You Got to Grunt
2. Hand Me Down Love
3. Further on Up the Road
4. Don't Make a Fool out of Me
5. I Ain't Leaving Girl
6. I'm Between a Rock and a Hard Place
7. Grandpa Can't Fly His Kite
8. "G" Spot
9. I Wish It Was You
10. You Put Fire in My Blood

Cee Gee 12.99



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